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There is no adult or junior training tonight (it is the junior Xmas party though).

Training will resume on Monday 5th Feb 2018

See you all then.

Velodrome Training Sessions

This Saturday we will be resuming the CWCC velodrome sessions. They run from 10am – 11am but please be there early if you require a hire bike. Meet at the velodrome itself, NOT the reception. It’s £5 for the session which includes bike hire if required. If using a hire bike please bring flat shoes.

Sessions are weather dependent.

CWCC/CX-NE Round 6

Please, could I send out a big thank you to everyone who helped with round 6 of CXNE/Cleveland Wheelers cyclo cross event at MSV. The day was a great success with over 336 riders being signed up for the event making it the biggest event in the north east series. Without the help of everyone, it could not have gone ahead.
Mike Cole.

CWCC Open Hillclimb 2017 – Photo Gallery

[Update 02/10/2017 – More photos added]
A photo gallery of the 2017 CWCC Hill Climb up Clay Bank. Far from the weather spoiling the photos we think it’s rather enhanced them, the mist giving a slightly ethereal feel to them. Many thanks to Michael Guess & Brian Gleeson, two of CWCC’s ace photographers.

All photos are free for download for personal, non-commercial use.
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Cleveland Wheelers Open Hillclimb 2017

Supported by The House Designer Wear, Yarm.

Many thanks to all who attended today’s event in what were less than ideal conditions. Many thanks too to all those who helped out with the event, especially those who had to stand around in the weather for the whole hour+, it’s much appreciated. Finally thanks to our event sponsor, The House Designer Wear, without whose help we’d be unable to offer such a generous prize list.

The full results are available here, but below are the main prize winners. The results will go live at CTT once they process them. A photo gallery will appear in a separate post.

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to the success of today’s event, and congratulations to the winners.


  1. Adam Jarps 6:11
  2. Ross Turner 6:13
  3. Aaron Preston 6:21


  1. Abi Smith 7:55
  2. Hannah Farran 7:59
  3. Ella Towers 8:08


  1. Adam Jarps
  2. Ross Turner
  3. Aaron Preston


  1. Lewis Dobbing 7:02
  2. Euan Sanderson 7:14
  3. Lewis Dolan 8:16

Juvenile (F)

  1. Abi Smith


  1. Shaun Tyson 6:23


  1. Mark Snape 7:06


  1. Ian Hutchinson 8:10


  1. John Kettle 10:52


  1. Dave Kirton/Shaun O’Shea 8:30

1st Cleveland Wheeler

  1. David Cole 6:49