1. League 2000 21 Jul,2021 - League 2000 is in full swing. Unfortunately numbers have had to be restricted due to Covid policies, but there are still more than enough participants to make for a really fun series. Here are a few photos from this Monday’s meeting and a larger gallery can be found here. It’s great fun, with a skills […]
  2. Dave Holden – Funeral 26 Oct,2020 - From Stephen Holden :- I have provided details of the funeral arrangements. We can support a small contingent of six members, although we appreciate the current pandemic may not be conducive to some members attending The details are below. FUNERAL FOR DAVE HOLDENAs valued friends of Dave and family over many years we would like […]
  3. Dave Holden – A tribute 18 Oct,2020 - Dave Holden, who sadly died last week, was a founding member and the first chairman of Cleveland Wheelers. As a tribute to him we’ve taken the opportunity to reproduce an article that he wrote for the Spokesman magazine on the club’s 50th anniversary in 2008. Fifty years ago cycling politics was in crisis. The National […]
  4. Arthur Puckrin – A tribute 31 Aug,2018 - Arthur Puckrin, who sadly died recently, was a long time member of Cleveland Wheelers and for many years was a regular feature at the Evening Series. Cycling was not his chosen sport however. He was primarily a triathlete or more specifically an ultra triathlete. He was attracted to endurance events which took days to complete. […]
  5. Putting the trial into TT – the Teesdale Mountain Time Trial 29 May,2017 - Time trialling is a strange pleasure, especially for the majority of participants who are never going to actually win. There is no TT equivalent of a freaky round of golf (the day when your mishits are so bad they sail right over the gorse onto the next fairway) when you can score 8 or 10 […]
  6. The Bealach na Ba 18 Oct,2016 - Many of us work off cycling ‘to do’ lists don’t we? For me, along with the Ventoux at some point, the Bealach na Ba has been on my cycling ‘must do’ list for quite some time. For about 12 years in fact, which was the last time I ventured into this part of the Highlands […]
  7. Carlton Bank 21 Aug,2015 - Carlton Bank appeared in an article in Cycling Weekly towards the end of last month. If you missed it you can see it here. The photograph in the article was taken by CWCC stalwart, John Main, and it was one of a set he took at the CWCC Hill Climb on Carlton Bank back in […]
  8. Freewheeling Contest, 1973 12 Aug,2015 - The club received the following email from former (and now once again current) member of the club, Andy Allen, who enclosed a photo from the early 70s, taken at the annual freewheeling event, one of the novelty events that still survives to this day, and on the same course. The photo was taken at the […]
  9. The 53rd Climb 10 Aug,2015 - Paul Christon has recently added an article to his list of local hill climbs. This is entitled “The 53rd Climb” and can be found by clicking this link. It covers the climb to Bilsdale Transmitter in some detail.
  10. Waterproofs and whippets – the Tour de Yorkshire sportive 2015 26 May,2015 - Roundhay Park, Leeds, 7.15 am Sunday May 3rd. I’m forcing down two cheese rolls in the shelter of the Mavic tent, unfortunately unheated, watching walls of rain sweep across the queues waiting to start the Tour de Yorkshire sportive. The sponsors’ flags are threatening to break free of their stands, and I’m wondering if I […]
  11. Tour de Yorkshire stage 1 14 Feb,2015 - Tour de Yorkshire Decisions, Decisions! I’ve just been looking over the details of this stage having come to terms with the fact that the route organisers have opted to leave out all the local area’s iconic climbs. The Cote de Rosedale Abbey aka Bell End Farm climb is a tough proposition no doubt but when […]
  12. The Youth Scene 13 Dec,2014 - Some club members may be aware that the Cleveland Wheelers have a thriving Youth Scene with coaching every Monday night and The League 2000 but what is it all about and how did it all come to happen? The story starts in the late 1980’s when some club members were ferrying their and other youngsters […]
  13. The Club Run 17 Nov,2014 - I’ve often heard it described as the lifeblood of any cycling club. I used to be somewhat sceptical of this claim but I am now forced to admit that this belief was wrong. For many years the club didn’t really have a regular club run, though various attempts were made to establish one and there […]
  14. Letter from America 9 Oct,2014 - Nine months in the USA. Six months cycling. “Instead of all that commuting, why don’t you move to Virginia for a while and start that plant up?”. Thanks very much. Virginia? It’s half way up on the right hand side, much like Yorkshire. Arriving in January for six months (which has now turned into 15) […]
  15. Let’s Get Retro 9 Oct,2014 - As with many of these things the idea started with a few conversations which led to something, which led to something else which ended up with me coming up with an excuse to ride my bike, as though I need one!  The acquisition of an old 1970’s Coventry Eagle rescued from my uncle’s garage was […]
  16. Cleveland Wheelers Hill Climb – 6 Oct 2013 29 Oct,2013 - It was the first year that the annual Cleveland Wheelers Hill Climb was hosted on Clay Bank, moving away from its long established home of Carlton Bank. In the lead up to the event there was speculation whether we had chosen the best course, but after hearing rumours of the local ‘big hitters’ devising their […]
  17. A short spin through the French Alps 28 Jul,2013 - The summit of the Col du Glandon 1,924 metres above sea level, or nearly 6 Roseberry Toppings in local money. The highest I’ve been on a bike but in around 3 or 4 hours I will be higher still, the mighty Galibier beckons and another 2 Roseberry Toppings can be added! The Glandon was tough […]
  18. Great Dun Fell – The Highest Road in Britain 16 Oct,2012 - Distance 5.4 miles from Dufton, around 4.7 from the road end (8 or 9k) Max Gradient 15%, average 8% Introduction Most climbs don’t get an introduction, but this one is a bit out of the ordinary. What if I told you that there was a road in Britain that finished on top of a mountain […]
  19. A day in the life of a Premier Calendar rider 5 Mar,2012 - He couldn’t conceal the look of disappointment, despair even, worse than any defeat he’d suffered in any race, ever. ‘Never mind, I’m sure other cafés will be open’, said Dave, trying as always to think positively. ‘But I like this one, and will they do eggs on toast?’ asked Rob. ‘I’m sure they will’, said […]
  20. A cafe stop bike 6 Dec,2011 - How many bikes does a cyclist need? Maybe need is the wrong word as that suggests you have to justify each bike in some way. I often find myself doing this when backed into a corner by people who just don’t understand. Most people will accept the need for a best bike or race bike, […]
  21. The Fred Whitton 2 Oct,2011 - It had just gone 7am as I looked out of the window of the climbing hut, the valley was enveloped in low grey cloud and it was raining, if not heavily but persistently. A typical Lakes day then, one where it is hard to imagine it ever being dry again, yet you irrationally hope will […]
  22. Cleveland Wheelers at the Stockton Triathlon 29 Aug,2011 - A couple of months ago at the Evening Series Dave Kirton and myself were throwing around the idea of entering a Cleveland Wheelers team at the relay event at the Stockton Triathlon. Problem was finding a swimmer as Dave opted for the cycle leg and fearing drowning I volunteered for the 10k run. Step forward […]
  23. Over the sea from Skye – the Bealach Mor challenge 10 Jan,2011 - First, a little Gaelic for non-natives – Bealach means col and Mor means big. The Bealach in question is the Bealach na Ba (pass of the cattle or maybe col du coos ), and it is right in the middle of a lovely 90 mile sportive in Wester Ross. And it is big – you […]
  24. La Marmotte 2010 5 Dec,2010 - Dave Kirton with Rob Carter, Graeme and Stephen Hatcher. Despite saying “I’ll never do it again” here I am on the A19 with Rob Carter heading for Liverpool airport, Geneva, then Alpe d’Huez for my second Marmotte. All thoughts of last year’s pain, suffering and difficulty replaced by an insane optimism for what is allegedly […]
  25. Training for the Tour de France 9 Jun,2010 - Training for the Tour de France 8:17. A personal best time. Not that anyone is celebrating you understand. There’s no one here with flowers, champagne, interestingly coloured jersey, cute cuddly toy lion with optional St. Bernard or even a well done, but nevertheless it remains my personal best time. Eight minutes and seventeen seconds. That’s […]
  26. Richmond Sportives 2010 2 Jun,2010 - I’m at Hawes with just over 50 miles and over three hours and something in my legs, so just over half way and now I’ve got to make a decision. It’s a decision that I’ve been thinking about for the past 20 miles since we left the last control point at Keld. I’m not having […]
  27. A Suitcase of Excuses 7 Feb,2010 - I think that it was Paul Sherwen who said something along the lines of ‘he’s going to have to dig deep into his suitcase of courage’ when referring to a rider on the Tour de France several years ago. I don’t have a suitcase of courage myself, more of a small seat pack perhaps, but […]
  28. Early Winter Biking Blues 28 Nov,2009 - For me the Bring and Buy sale is a pivotal moment in the cycling year. Out of the autumn gloom emerge two groups of cyclists; those looking to offload their unwanted or unneeded wares and those looking for a bargain. I seem to fit into both camps which leaves me with a bit of a […]
  29. Coast to Coast 17 Oct,2009 - After a 5am rise we picked up Dave and his impressive stock of sandwiches at 6am. A fairly traffic free drive saw us reach Whitehaven at about twenty past eight. Just before this Dave treated us to one of his jokes ‘I see no ships, only hardships’. It was to be the first of many, […]
  30. The Climb 11 Oct,2009 - ‘I think they’ve made a mistake’ said Wendy Smith, mother of Marcus, Daniel and Nick ‘they’ve got you down as a vet’. ‘I am, I’m 42’, I replied. She looked a little surprised then ruined it all by saying ‘yeah I suppose vets start at 40 don’t they?’ I took it as a compliment nonetheless […]
  31. John Johnson – a remembrance 7 Oct,2009 - As you know long time club member, John Johnson, was tragically killed whilst out on a ride on Saturday 12th September, 2009. John joined the club around 1974 as a 16 year old and soon became one of ‘the group’. He very rarely missing a club run and competed in most types of events: time […]
  32. ‘That boring bloke’ 30 Sep,2009 - I watch quite a lot of cycle racing on TV, an unhealthy amount some might say. So the voices of David Harmon and Sean Kelly have almost become part of the household. I’ve never really given it much thought I just assumed that everyone enjoyed them as much as I did, until the other day […]
  33. Len and the art of bicycle maintenance 15 Sep,2009 - In the book Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance it has a disclaimer in it at the start which effectively says that it’s not much use if you want to find out more about Zen Buddhism or motorcycles. In a similar vein this article will not inform you much about cycle maintenance or Len for […]
  34. Le Tour 2009 3 Aug,2009 - Living the dream Like most cyclists, I always imagined how it would feel to ride those climbs in the Tour de France that I saw every year. What would it be like to follow in the footsteps of all those great riders? This year, I finally got the opportunity to find out, on some of […]
  35. La Marmotte 2009 27 Jul,2009 - Dave Kirton, with Ian Tyerman and Rob Carter 108 miles, Bourg d’Oisans, Col du Glandon, Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier, Bourg d’Oisans, Alpe d’Huez. After ten months of talking about the Marmotte after visiting the Alps last September, it’s finally arrived. We have spent more time talking about it than the event will probably […]
  36. The Man Machine 10 May,2009 - It seems that everyone is riding a bike these days. I read recently read that Alan Sugar has been seen on a £9,000 Pinarello equipped with the new 11 speed Campagnolo Super Record groupset, seriously I’m not pulling your leg! What with George Bush, David Cameron, Boris Johnson and even Philip Glenister (out of Ashes […]
  37. Gran Canaria 2009 27 Apr,2009 - Gran Canaria 2009- Dave Kirton & Rob Carter Monday 16th March After recovering from the disappointment of missing the Northallerton 50 in 4 again due to a family trip, Rob and I set off for Manchester Airport early doors! We arrived at the airport in good time, departures was a bit more hassle than usual. […]
  38. The Lakeland Passes 18 Apr,2009 - I’ve been going to the Lake District for many years now and until recently this was mainly to climb the fells. Working my way slowly through the Wainwrights (the 214 peaks that Alfred Wainwright so lovingly wrote about and catalogued) is what I’ve been up to. What Wainwright would have thought about cyclists I can […]
  39. Martyn Dobson – a remembrance 2 Feb,2009 - The following was contributed by Marcus Smith in memory of Martyn Dobson who died in December, 2008. I first met Martyn on a training ride from Middlesbrough to Richmond in North Yorkshire, a circular ride of about 80 miles. He was 15 years old and had been a Cleveland Wheeler for about a year. I […]