Adult Membership

This page is being revised as we are moving over to a new online membership called membermojo (see link below).

Please bear with us.

Obligations, Expectations & Recommendations

Whilst engaged in club activities the club expects all members to behave in a manner that enhances the name and reputation of the club; does not endanger the safety of club members or general public alike; does not cause physical, emotional or mental harm to others; does not make members feel “uncomfortable” in engaging in club activities. The club operates a strict anti-bullying policy, as outlined here.

On joining the club it is strongly recommended that you have third party liability insurance. This may come from your household insurance or from British Cycling or Cycling UK membership, both of which may be obtained at a reduced rate via the club *. Please contact the Club Secretary for details.

Members aged 18-65 are expected to make themselves available to marshal at least one club open event per year (you can marshal more if you want to). An availability survey will be sent out by the membership secretary at the start of each year. Without marshals the club cannot hold these events, which form an important part of the local cycling calendar.

Want to join?

Club membership is now being managed through an online system called Membermojo.

If you want to join the club please apply using this link to our Membermojo page.

Hints on how to use the system can be found here.

If you’re struggling, please contact our membership secretary, Dave Kirton, using this form. If you offer to buy him a toasted teacake on the next club run then you’ll get priority treatment.

* Reduced British Cycling membership is only available to those joining British Cycling for the first time.