Croft TT Series – 2020

The Croft TT Series is back again this year. If you fancy giving time trialling a go in a safe, traffic free environment then you may be interested in these events.

There’s more information in the Series poster.

Adult & Youth Training, 24th Feb

Training is ON tonight. Weather is decent if a tad cold. Dress accordingly.

Youth & Adult Training, 17th February

ALL TRAINING is OFF tonight, MSV have closed the track but we were unaware of this until now. Please do not turn out and help spread the word by sharing this post.

Many Thanks,

CWCC Coaching Team

Youth & Adult Training 10th Feb

Due to the poor weather conditions caused by storm Ciara, the coaching team have been closely monitoring the ever-changing weather conditions yesterday and today and unfortunately we have had to come to the decision to cancel tonight’s youth and adult training sessions.

In addition to this, the members of staff at Everyone Active, who maintain the facilities at Middlesbrough Sports Village, have informed me that due to the declining conditions with the wind, rain, potential sleet and sheer cold temperatures impending this evening, that it would be in everyone’s best interests to cancel tonight’s sessions.

They have been working this morning on removing a fallen tree branch (one of the bigger longer ones on the far side of the track) that had fallen on the track overnight and shattered. As a result of this and the looming conditions, the track is also littered with debris that they have tried to move, but the wind keeps blowing it back onto the circuit. There is also the possibility that some of the other trees have been weakened due to the storm, so for health and safety reasons we wouldn’t feel comfortable with running the session either.

Please help us spread the word.

We apologise that the sessions are off, but we will return with full strength next week!

Middlesbrough Sports Village

If you’re using the cycle circuit please ensure that you don’t leave your bike unattended and unlocked. You never know who’s watching.

Unfortunately one of the young riders had his bike stolen from there last week.

See this screenshot for details :-

Remember, it need only take a few seconds when your back’s turned!