Evening Series Week 3 – 16 May 2019

The first two lapper of the year saw a large turnout of 43 riders. It was starting to get distinctly murky as the last rider came home.

The fastest was Ross Turner with a 41:30 whilst Lauren Watson was fastest lady with a 49:29.

The full results can be found on the  timekeeper’s sheet  here.

However a couple of corrections are required :-

No.29 Gareth Frost was given a time of 61:00, it should have been 59:00.

No.34 Stephen Carter was given a time of 56:36, it should have been 59:36.

See you all next week.

Evening Series

Just a couple of points.

If you leave your car at the start can you please park it on the grass and try to keep the footpath clear.

Also, when you have finished the event and are waiting for the times please get yourself and your bike off the carriageway. Failure to do so means vehicles coming down from Seamer Hill are funnelled into the middle of the road and potentially into the path of incoming riders.

Roller Racing

Roller Racing

Evening Series Week 2 – 9 May 2019

There was another good turnout despite the cold weather. Several riders managed to break the 21 minute barrier with Aaron Preston coming home the winner with a 20:04. The fastest lady was Kate Sanderson with a 25:42.

Don’t forget that next week is the first two lapper.

Evening Series – 9 May

Mike Cole has been round the Seamer circuit this morning and it is clear of traffic lights and road works. It looks like there may be roadworks in Hutton Rudby but that should not bother us.

The only issue we have is standing water on the route but hopefully once it stops raining it should go down. The forecast is for a dry afternoon and evening.

So, unless there’s a change in the weather,  we will be using the Seamer course tonight.