From 2022 we now have a leaderboard based upon your best historical Strava times of all the 52 climbs plus the 53rd climb kindly hosted by Veloviewer.

The leaderboard can be found here.

To add your times to this leaderboard you need to be a member of Cleveland Wheelers and join the Strava Club and authorise the Veloviewer website to access your Strava data then press the update button on the leaderboard to manually include any new climbs you have completed.

To see the full functionality of the leaderboard you need to be a Strava Premium member but I believe that non-premium members can still add their times to the leaderboard but will not be shown the times.

Obviously, this is a performance-based leaderboard but the idea is to complete all the original 52 climbs listed by Paul Christon and claim your prestigious certificate. The 53rd climb is added for completeness.

A note about Veloviewer who host this leaderboard.

Ben at Veloviewer has hosted a yearly leaderboard for ourselves for the past 4 years and also hosts leaderboards for the 100Climbs and Zwift. Join the relevant club on Strava to access these. He also offers a paid service that gives you further data drawn from your Strava Premium account including tracking various metrics across all signed-up club members.