Welfare and Safeguarding

The club is presently developing its policies and procedures on how it deals with issues. These will be added to this page as they are completed.

Welfare and Safeguarding

Cleveland Wheelers Cycling Club takes the safety and well-being of its members seriously. In compliance with statutory requirements for all sports clubs Cleveland Wheelers is committed to adopting and complying with a number of policies and procedures, and codes of conduct, that all participants, parents and guardians, club officials, coaches and volunteers are signed up to.

As a British Cycling affiliated club Cleveland Wheelers is bound by British Cycling’s safeguarding and child protection policies. Cleveland Wheelers has formally adopted British Cycling’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable Adults policies and principles of good practice, and follows British Cycling’s Guidelines for Best Practice. All Cleveland Wheeler coaches have undertaken the requisite training, and adhere to British Cycling’s Code of Conduct and Sports Coach UK’s Code of Practice for Sports Coaches. All Cleveland Wheelers coaches hold current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates and are first-aid trained.


Cleveland Wheelers has gained Sport England’s Club Matters – Clubmark- Quality Club Accreditation, the club having demonstrated that it provides the right environment which ensures the welfare of its members and encourages everyone to enjoy cycling and stay involved throughout their lives. As a Clubmark club the Cleveland Wheelers is recognised as being an inclusive, safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages, helping parents know that they are choosing the right club for their children.

Club Welfare Officer

In compliance with British Cycling’s principles of good practice, Cleveland Wheelers Cycling Club has appointed a Club Welfare Officer whose remit is to play a key role in maintaining British Cycling’s high standards in relation to vulnerable groups participating in cycling; allowing peace of mind for participants, their families and club by ensuring those working with young people and vulnerable adults are suitable to do so.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Kate Sanderson. Should you have any concerns regarding the welfare of children or vulnerable adults in the club; any aspect of club activities, or any individuals at the club please contact the Club Welfare Officer using the following form.

Alternatively, contact any of the following:

Other useful contacts:


Cleveland Wheelers CC are completely opposed to bullying behaviour and will seek to ensure that bullying is not accepted or condoned. Every club member has a right to enjoy their sport free from abuse and bullying. Action will be taken to investigate and respond to any alleged incidents of bullying. All members are required to abide by and adhere to the club’s Anti-Bullying Policy.


Cleveland Wheelers CC positively encourages the involvement of all people, regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, religious belief, sexuality and social background. All club members have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity. The Club has adopted Sport England’s definition of sports equity; this is incorporated in our Equity Policy Statement.

Photography and Video

Photography and video provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our club members. Cleveland Wheelers CC, its members and other participants may take photographs and/or video during the course of an event, club run or club social activity for use on the Club’s website and Facebook members’ page; some images may be used for local or national publicity purposes. The Club is compliant with British Cycling’s Safeguarding and Photography guidelines. Photographs and video of our under 18 members will only be used where parental consent has been given.

Social Media

On becoming a member of the Cleveland Wheelers you will be invited to join our Facebook Members’ Page. This forum provides an excellent opportunity for the Club and its members to promote and keep up-to-date with club events and activities; to celebrate achievements; to share knowledge and seek advice on all things cycling; debate a host of cycling issues; and, to generally catch-up and have a banter with fellow members. The Club adheres to British Cycling’s Using Social Networking and Social Media guidelines.