League 2000 – Registration

We have a revised system in place for the 2023 season. The registration form still needs to be completed for each rider but there is no longer a requirement to pre-enter each round online.

Once a rider has been registered, it’s just a matter of turning up to take part in any of the 12 rounds.

We will keep the information entered on the registration form and use it on subsequent weeks. You will need to register again if all details have changed. Alternatively, if it is something simple like a change of contact number, feel free to use the Contact Us tab to inform us of any changes.

Before registering, please read our information pack for more details of how the League 2000 works. Also please make sure you read our Code of Conduct.

When filling out the form please enter the details carefully so that no spelling mistakes are made and the correct information is provided. Any details given fraudulently will result in removal from the league and all results rendered void.

To register for the League 2000, please click/tap here .

Already Registered

The following riders have registered for the 2023 Series :-

If anyone would like to volunteer and assist our team at any of the rounds, please get in touch – youthdevelopment@clevelandwheelers.com to find out further information on how you can get involved.