60’s cycling

The photographs in the album below were taken in the 1960s and early 70s by Paul Eggett a former CWCC member

Featured are stars such as Sid Barras, Arthur Metcalfe and Hugh Porter as well as a host of local riders.

We’ve tagged those we know but if you recognise anyone we have missed then please email us at clevelandwheelers@gmail.com.

1960’s Cycling

5 replies on “60’s cycling”

thanks to your club and to Paul Egget for all the old photos. People I’ve not seen for half a century, like Mike Dunne and George Trigg. But also people like Kipper, Alan Topp, ColinLewis, Alan Leech, Arthur Metcalfe, and Mike Heslop. all who have died before their time. getting sentimental. Thanks again

Hi, Dave, Ken Grange here. I was saddened to hear of the passing of so many riders that we rode with.
Hope you are doing well.

This is an absolutely fabulous collection – I feel so grateful to be able to look at it. I recognise some of the un-named riders like Jack Wright, Eddie McGourley, Paul Blackett, Derek Hepple, Peter Gordon, Chis.,Benny Dobson Hugh Porter.

Dear sir,

Can you tell me if Benny Dobson rode for Carlton-BMB in 1965?

I know he rode the Milk Race in 1965, but wondered if he did in fact ride for Carlton-BMB in 1965.

Hope you can help.

Best regards,


These pictures are great and it is so nice to not only see pictures of my dad ( Mike Heslop), but all the cycling friends who he would tell us about through his great ‘bike stories’

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