Climbs by area

Teesside, Great Ayton and Stokesley

Climb Category Map
 4. Carlton Bank HC map
13. Scarth Nick 1st map
27. Clay Bank from Westwood Farm 2nd map
32. Wilton Bank 3rd map
35. Clay Bank from Great Broughton 3rd map
45. Skelton Green Bank 4th map
47. Gribdale from Great Ayton 4th map
48. Yearby Bank 4th map
51. Ormesby Bank 4th map

Coastal, Saltburn to Whitby

Climb Category Map
11. Boulby  1st map
12. Skinningrove  1st map
22. Lythe Bank  2nd map
31. Roxby  3rd map
38. Potash Bank  3rd map
43. Saltburn Bank  3rd map
49. East Barnby  4th map
50. Loftus Bank  4th map
52. Carlin How Bank  4th map

Moorland, Western and Central

Climb Category Map
 6. Street  1st map
 7. Westerdale to Rosedale Head  1st map
14. Danby Beacon  1st map
15. New Way  1st map
17. Kildale to Commondale  2nd map
18. Botton Bank  2nd map
19. Westerdale (Artist’s Cottage)  2nd map
20. Sand Hill  2nd map
26. Baysdale  2nd map
29. Kildale to Gribdale  2nd map
30. Castleton to Rosedale Head  3rd map
39. Castleton  3rd map
40. Chequers  3rd map
41. Birk Brow  3rd map
44. Hob Hole  3rd map

Moorland, Eastern

Climb Category Map
 2. Caper Hill  HC map
 9. Black Brow  1st map
10. Delves  1st map
16. Key Green  2nd map
21. Egton Bridge to Egton  2nd map
25. Blue Bank  2nd map
28. Grosmont to Egton  2nd map
36. Cow Wath Bank  3rd map
37. Lealholm  3rd map
42. Limber Hill  3rd map

Moorland, Southern

Climb Category Map
 1. Rosedale Chimney  HC map
 3. Blakey Bank  HC map
 5. Boltby Bank  HC map
 8. Heygate Bank  1st map
23. Murton Bank  2nd map
24. Rosedale (Bell End Farm)  2nd map
33. Rievaulx Bank  3rd map
34. Newgate Bank  3rd map
46. Ladhill Beck Bank  4th map

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