Time Trials – 2019

Cleveland Wheelers are organising six open time trials in 2019. These are as follows :

Date Description Course
10 Mar 2019 21 miles (sporting course) T211R
28 April 2019 25 miles (mountain course) T256
16 Jun 2019 25 miles (sporting course) T255
14 July 2019 18 miles (sporting course) T091x2
18 Aug 2019 10 miles (sporting course) T101
22 Sept 2019 Hill Climb THC33

Each of the above events, with the exception of the hill climb, has a separate Road Bike category with its own entry page. See the CTT website for further details

If you are unsure as to what the definition of a Road Bike is in this context then please click here.

Also all of the above events (except the Hill Climb) are part of the Teesside SPOCO (SPOrting COurses) Competition. For more information please click here.

The Teesside District Council of Cycling Time Trials have a Facebook group. It’s a public group and can be found here.