365 Introduction

Taking on the 365 Killer route

Okay so it’s only 60 and a bit miles, not even 100k? But we think it’s one of the hardest 100k’s in the country with 19 climbs interspersed with mainly rolling terrain or exciting downhills. The other attraction, if hills are an attraction, is that it just happens to take you through some of the most stunning scenery that the North York Moors has to offer.

Our club has been running a Mountain Challenge route (formerly Tourist Trial) for many years and we think we have now perfected it, a natural route taking in four of the signature Moors climbs. The problem is we only run our Mountain Challenge once a year and we think that it would be wrong not to share it and encourage people to have a go at any time of the year, the Moors are open for 365 days a year after all.

So if you are a Wheeler who has missed out on the pleasure or a visitor to the area who wants to sample the local delights we implore you to have a go. If, no when, you get round remember to tell us how you’ve done and what you think by posting on the site under the ‘completers’ tab. Before you do though we need to let you know what to expect, it would be unfair otherwise wouldn’t it?

A route map and directions are available but if you want a more comprehensive description we have also included one here complete with links to more detailed climb write ups elsewhere on this website.