Evening Series 2023

In the process of being updated for 2023, please bear with us.

This year the Evening Series will consist of a series of time trial events followed by a series of hill climbs at the end of the summer. All events will be held on a Thursday evening.

Time Trial Series

The Time Trials will be run on the Seamer circuit. There are 17 events (TT01 to TT17). A rider’s best six single lap and one double lap events to count for the competition.

There will be 12 single lap events and four double lap events in the overall series. TT17 will be a “fun” 2 up event and does not count in the competition.

One of the single lap events may be held jointly with Stockton Wheelers on the Longnewton course. This information will be updated as required.

The first event is on ????? and the last on ????.

See the calendar for further details.

Hill Climb Series

The Hill Climbs will be held on Clay Bank. There are three events (HC01 to HC03). HC01 is on the main road whereas HC02 and HC03 are on the steep side of Clay. All three count towards the overall.

The first event is on ????? and the last on 15 ????.

See the calendar for further details.


Registering gives us an indication of the number of riders who intend taking part. The programme has been drawn up on the assumption that we get enough competitors to provide marshals for all the events. If that proves not to be the case we may need to adjust the programme accordingly.

To register go to the registration page.


By registering you become eligible to compete for the trophies which are available.

There is also a road bike category with its own set of trophies.

Second Claim members are not eligible for the category trophies but there will be a single overall trophy based on an overall standings table.