Youth Membership

Under 18s Membership – How To Join

If a child wants to become a member of Cleveland Wheelers their membership form must be completed by their parent/carer.

The under 18s online membership form can be found by following this link.

However, in addition, it is a compulsory requirement that every Go-Ride club keeps paper copies of these forms. Consequently, could you please download, print and complete this form and return it to the Youth Development Officer (Josef George).

Continuing Membership

Once a child is registered as a member of Cleveland Wheelers there is no need for the parent/carer to renew their child’s membership each year. There is only a need to contact the Youth Development Officer if there is a change in their child’s status, such as :

  • they have decided to leave the club.
  • their medical details have changed.
  • their address or contact details have changed.
  • or anything else deemed important to know.

Once a youth member turns 18 their details will be passed to our Membership Secretary (Dave Kirton) as they will now be required to pay an annual membership fee (currently £15).