How the League 2000 Works

The League 2000 is a series of 12 age-related cycling events for under 18’s.

There are three events that take place during each of the 12 rounds of the League 2000. These are a ‘Skills Test’, a ‘Time Trial’ and a ‘(Handicapped) Road Race’.

  • Skills Test – participants attempt a short obstacle course that includes various challenges in the quickest time. one, five and ten second time penalties apply for a foot down, attempt but fail and no attempt of each individual obstacle. Prize money is awarded for the most combative rider.
  • Time Trial – participants complete a short one km time trial at 30 second intervals where their respective time decides their starting position in their respective race. Prize money is awarded for the most improved time.
  • Road Race – participants are split up into our five road races depending on their time trial time: two small laps, two large laps, three large laps, four large laps and five large laps. Prize money is awarded for the top three in each race.

The handicaps are based on the participant’s personal best in the time trial and NOT on the times done each week (unless a PB).

At every event, points are earned & points mean prizes, so how do we calculate them ?

ALL three events (Skills, TT & Race) count towards the overall score for each round.

The winner gets one point, 2nd two points and so on. This gives the overall placings of the skills test, time trial and road race for that round and does NOT take into consideration age groups.

This is worked out at a later stage. The highest placed in the age group will get 100 points towards their season total, 2nd 95 points 3rd 90 points, 85, 80, 75, 70, 69, 68 and so on.

The best 10 round point scores over the 12 rounds are taken towards the final placings.

Results are published after each round and a prize presentation takes place at the end of the year.