Evening Series FAQs

Q. How much does it cost to ride?
A. As a change to previous years we are charging a one off fee for all riders who register for the series of £10 for adults and £5 for juniors. All rounds attended are then free. This registration fee will be payable through the membershipmojo account you used to join the club. See the how to register page for further information.

Q. What if I just want to turn up to ride the odd event?
A. Any club members are welcome to turn up on the night and ride. You will register a time which will be listed in the results under “Other Riders” but you won’t be eligible for the series. This cost of this will be payable in cash on the night of £3 per event for adults and £2 for juniors. £3 per rider goes to Cycling Time Trials for insurance.

Q. Do I need a time trial bike?
A. No you can ride on whatever bicycle you wish, as long as it doesn’t have a motor! We have a separate category for road bikes. We have one club member who does rather quick times on a unicycle!

Q. What happens if I enter one bike type category but ride on the other type of bike?
A. If you enter as a time trial bike category rider and use a road bike your ride will be categorised in the time trial bike category. If you enter as a road bike rider and ride a time trial bike in an event this ride will be categorised in “other” riders.

Q. What are the new requirements from CTT to be able to ride time trial events?
A. All riders must have a working front and rear light attached to your bike and an approved helmet. You are no longer allowed to ride without a helmet. See CTT Regulations 14 and 15 for more information.  

Q. What are the road bike category rules?
A. Please see the details here. We are open to riders bending these rules for some “interesting” bike designs. For example if you wish to bring a fixed wheel bike with a set of old style TT bull horn bars it’ll be allowed. Bring the double disc wheels along to go full “Fignon” though and you won’t qualify.

Q. Do I have to pre-enter the Series?
A. No you don’t. As long as you’re a club member you can just turn up. However if you wish to feature in the overall results then you need to pre enter. Also unless you’re only planning to ride one or two then we would prefer you to pre-enter otherwise we would have no marshals and the Evening Series couldn’t go ahead.

Q. If I’m a 2nd claim member is there any point in pre-entering as I won’t feature in the overall results anyway?
A. For 2022 onwards we are introducing a single overall winners trophy, which will include second claim members. Second claim members are not eligible for all the other category trophies. 

Q. When completing the series entry form do I just tick the dates I’m unable to attend to marshal or the dates I wish to ride as well?
A. Just tick the dates you are unable to marshal due to work or other commitments. All those who take part in the series are expected to sacrifice one ride that they could have ridden to marshal, otherwise they could gain an extra event on their fellow competitors.

Q. Other than marshalling, is there any other way I can help with the organisation of the series?
A. Yes, we are always looking for more on the night organisers. Ideally we are looking to have enough organisers for two to three events each. You may use one of these weeks as your marshalling duty and race the others. Get in touch if you can help.

Q. What is the difference between the Evening Series and the bigger open events that have to be entered up to two weeks before?
A. This is called a closed club time trial, as it’s closed to all but club members (but see next bullet point), it’s less formal and you can just roll up on the night and sign on. The open events are open to members from any club but have to be pre-entered as they have to be all organised via Cycling Time Trials.

Q. I’m not a club member. Can I turn up and ride?
A. From 2022 we are allowing a limited number of non members to ride. It is intended that this will be utilised by riders from other clubs around the country who are in the area for a short period. Please contact us in advance to let us know you will be attending. The entry cost for non members is £5.

Q. What time do I need to be there?
A. The first rider is off at 6.30pm. You can sign on as late as 10 mins before, however if you want an earlier ride then you need to be there just after 6 pm as a queue forms of people wanting early start times.

Q. If there’s more than enough marshals or someone stands in for me on the night I’m meant to marshal then can I ride instead?
A. Yes but you will have to treat it as training as your ride won’t count for that night. Everyone has to drop a qualifying ride somewhere.

Q. Can I swap marshalling duties with someone else in the Series on another night?
A. Yes you can, as long as you arrange it and let the organisers know about the swap.

Q. Can I draft another rider!
A. Absolutely not! This is a major crime against cycling and punishable by multiple Carlton Bank repeats on a cold wet day with a trailer on! When a rider overtakes you, you must drop back a little, similarly if you’re going to overtake a rider you need to be confident that you can overtake cleanly and gain some distance immediately.

Q. What happens at the finish line? Finish line etiquette?
A. Firstly your number must be pinned on as low as possible so that the time keeper can see it, also if you have any breath to spare it’s courtesy to shout your number as you cross the line.
Please don’t loiter in the middle of the road before and after riding as cars are coming past there fairly quickly.
Also please don’t distract the time keeper by pestering him for your time. The times are read out at the end, and then published on the website later that week. The time keeper’s time is final! Sometimes errors do occur and you can discuss this with the organisers afterwards, but Strava won’t be accepted as a true time, only a guide. The most accurate Strava segment is this one which typically gives a shorter time of between 10 and 20 seconds. 

Q. How does the handicapping work?
A. I haven’t got a clue?  But all riders are awarded a handicap time and the positions from that generate the handicap competition. The handicapping is meant to even things out somewhat?

Q. I’m a junior, do I have to marshal?
A. We expect all entrants aged 16 and over to marshal. Any riders under 16 do not have to marshal although if they can provide a volunteer for one event this would be appreciated.

Q. What are the marshalling duties?
A. On the Seamer TT course these are all based around the start/finish area. We need a starter, a herder/equipment checker and a finish line helper.

Q. Will there be a pusher off?
A. No we will not be reintroducing the role of “pusher off” and all riders must start with a foot down. Track standing or rolling starts are not allowed. Practise your clipping in. 

Q. If rounds are cancelled how will this affect the overall results.
A. If rounds are cancelled due to weather or road works the following changes will be made to the overall requirements.

  • 1 event cancelled = 5 to count 
  • 2 events cancelled = 4 to count 
  • 3 events cancelled = 3 to count 
  • 4 events cancelled = 3 to count
  • 5 events cancelled = 2 to count
  • 6 to 9 events cancelled = Series voided 

Q. If riders are tied on points how will positions be decided?
A. Trophy positions only will be decided using the following criteria. 

  • Best single position 
  • Then best two positions 
  • Then best three positions 
  • And so on to the best five positions
  • If still a tie fastest lap 
  • If still a tie, a cake off to commence. Best homemade cake as judged by the organisers wins. 

If all riders tied for position agree we can go straight to the cake off and not count back on positions.

Note cake can be supplied at any time during the series.