Road Bike Category

Road Bike Category Equipment Specification

To enter the road bike category within the Evening Series the following specification is appropriate to the conditions of entry.

These are based upon the local CTT road bike rules and if these are altered we will look to adopt these changes.

The Rider

  • No time trial style pointy helmets (including Kask Bambino), or helmets with built in visors should be worn.
  • Use of skinsuits is permitted
  • No riding with elbows or forearms on the handlebars.  If witnessed, the competitor will be disqualified.

The Cycle

  • The frame should be constructed in the traditional pattern, i.e. built around a main triangle.
  • No time trial style or triathlon forward extension bars with or without elbow pads should be present.
  • Wheels should be of a spoked construction, with a minimum of 12 spokes and a maximum depth of 65mm.

Please apply the spirit of the road bike competition in your equipment choice.