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North East Youth Series

Cleveland Wheelers are promoting round two of British Cycling’s North East Youth Series.

This is being held on Sunday, 28 April 2019 at Middlesbrough Sports Village. Entry is online only and closes on Thursday, 25 April. No entries will be accepted on the day.

Further information can be found on British Cycling’s website here and on the dedicated Facebook page here.

Club membership renewals for 2018-19

Hi, wheelers. It’s that membership renewal time of year again for 2018-19. I know you’re all so keen to rejoin!

As many of you may already know the membership fee has had to be raised to £15, this is due to increasing costs and a reduction in funds coming in from elsewhere such as the evening series. The membership fee has been £10 since before I joined up in 1992, that’s a long time. I hope you all agree that the Cleveland Wheelers remains great value for money and I hope you have all enjoyed your cycling year with us. Anyhow please find below the best ways to pay your £15 membership. The deadline for renewals is Nov 30th after which point you lose the benefits of Cleveland wheelers membership. So please don’t delay.

The online payment is the preferred option. It’s easier for me, and easier for you. Just follow the link below to renew. Just to note that unfortunately the SES system does not recognise existing members so please just complete all the fields as if you are a new member regardless of how long you have been with the club. The system is just a means of payment, plus we can keep your details updated at the same time (please note there is an SES admin charge of 60p ). I won’t be sending confirmation emails as the SES system sends you a receipt anyway.

Renew by clicking here.

Anyone who wishes to pay by cash I will be available to take payment at club runs and various other Cleveland wheelers venues, or simply stick it through my door with a note.
The renewal fee is £15 adults, under 18s are free. Josef George keeps a record of all our under 18s membership now. I don’t believe Josef needs parents to take any action, although he is after consent forms from any parents who haven’t already completed one. Josef will send you more info on this soon no doubt.

You can also pay by cheque made payable to Cleveland Wheelers and post it through my door.


If you’re posting cheques then please check with me that it has arrived as they have a habit of going missing in the post! I don’t take bank transfers or PayPal as we have the online system in place and things become too complicated.

For anyone who isn’t planning on rejoining the club, please also just let me know. It’s much easier that way.

Please disregard this email if your an over 70s life member, honorary member, have paid recently or you joined the club on or after July 1st of this year in which case you should have already received an email from me asking you to disregard membership reminders. Any questions regarding your membership status then please just let me know.

Thanks, Dave


Don’t forget, tonight is the AGM. 7.30pm at St. Joseph’s church hall on Tanton Road.

“Best event of the year”Luke Price, CWCC

Club AGM 2018

Dear Member,

This is to let you know that the club’s AGM will take place on Wednesday 26th September at the usual venue of St. Joseph’s Church Hall, Tanton Road, Stokesley, TS9 5HN. The time is 7.30pm, slightly earlier than usual.

A copy of the agenda to date is available here. To summarise, there are three motions currently:

1) To replace the post of Race Secretary with one of Vice Chairman.
2) To increase the cost of membership from £10 to £15
3) Some wording changes to two items within the Club Constitution.

Full wording & details of the proposals are given in the attached agenda. If anyone has any further issues they would like adding to the agenda please email them to the club secretary before 19th September – email

We would also like to open up the opportunity for anyone who feels they would like to get more involved in club activities. In particular, the club would welcome volunteers to run or help run events such as the open TTs that are held throughout the year. These are a vital part of not just the club’s activities, but of cycling in the region as a whole. Anyone interested does not have to attend the AGM to make their interest known, but can simply contact the secretary on the email address given above, or any other committee member.

Anyone who wishes to stand for any of the official roles within the club or to volunteer for the committee will need to attend the AGM and make their interest be known at the appropriate time during the meeting.

The minutes from last year’s AGM are available here.

The club looks forward to seeing you at the AGM. It is usual to retire to the pub for a little socialising after the meeting.


Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit

We would like to bring to the attention of people attending events at the cycle circuit (at the current time that’s mainly League 2000 attendees) that you MUST dismount on the section that runs between the main building and the football pitches. There is already a sign there to this effect but it appears that many simply ignore it. This is a congested area that has the added hazard of footballs maybe flying over the fence or children running out from the pitches to collect lost balls. If the “do not ride” regulation is not followed the circuit will take further action in order to better enforce it. Your cooperation is appreciated.