Norman Bielby

The funeral details for Norman Bielby, our longstanding president, who recently passed away are below.

The ceremony is to be held on Wednesday 16th November at St Bede’s Chapel, Acklam, Middlesbrough at 1pm followed by a gathering at Nunthorpe Squash Club.

Any cyclists who are going to attend are welcome to wear club colours.

See here for funeral notice.

League 2000 Special Events

League 2000

Prize Presentation – 21 October 2022

The official photographs of the League 2000 Prize Presentation are now available on social media.

Please follow either of the links below :-

Official CWCC Facebook Page –                                                               


Dedicated CWCC Youth Training & League 2000 Facebook Page –   

One final time, a huge thank you from myself and the League 2000 team for attending this year and we hope that you enjoyed the entire series as well as the festivities that we had on Friday evening at the Prize Presentation.

See you all in 2023 for the 26th Edition! 🙂 

Josef George

Charity Events Special Events

Ready, steady bake

Ready, steady bake – Charity Bake Off – plea for donations to support the Bring and Buy on Friday 28th October 

For those who have missed it you will be pleased to know that the “Bring and Buy” is back, if you can help with a contribution of a cake(s), scones, biscuits to the event it would be much appreciated.

It is a Charity event on Friday 28th October at Stokesley Town Hall. One of the charities which we have for 2022 is Great North Air Ambulance (GNAAS). It is a service that all local cyclists are very thankful exists, for but hopefully never need to use. All profits from refreshment sales will go to charity.

This plea is not only limited to club members, if your partner, parent, sibling, child can bake then please feel encourage contributions. If you could get you culinary creation to the Town Hall by 7pm it would be much appreciated.   

Through a fun competition we aim to uncover and show off talents. Do you have a secret recipe which you need the world to see, or just one where your family ask you to make again. Never baked before and want to give it a try?

Unlike the famous “bake-off” on TV, any shape, flavour, size is welcome. They don’t even need to be perfectly formed if it/they taste good.

Aiming for simplicity, there are three categories

·       Hmmm – that’s good” – delivering on taste

·       “Wow – that looks great” – most visually interesting item  

·       “Hey, it’s good for you” – the healthy option  

There are not strict rules on how this will be judged and may be swayed by smiles and reactions of people attending.  Again, the emphasis is on a fun, charity event…..although obtaining bragging rights always feels good 😉

Ingredients – please let us know what they contain and what they don’t contain so that we can inform people who may have dietary restrictions or desires. You don’t have to publish a full recipe, although in many cases, if people like it, they will ask, but of course you can keep family recipes a secret it desired!

If you can spare some time on the evening of Friday 28th October to help with the running of the refreshments area this would be much appreciated. Please could let me know if this is the case (

Looking forward to seeing what recipes and skills are within the local cycling community.


Bring & Buy

CWCC Bring and Buy Sale – Friday 28th October

After a period of restricted social events the “Bring and Buy” at Stokesley Town Hall is back.

If you have not seen the posts on social media, this is a reminder that this will take place on Friday 28th October 2022.  Doors open for setting up at 6:30pm with general admission from 7pm. A mere £1 gets you entry into the upper deck where the majority of the trading activity takes place. If you have a large quantity of ‘stuff to sell’ then a collection of tables can be used for a nominal fee. 

For those who have attended before then you know how it all works, in the past it was quite a busy event with all types of trading from brake blocks to aero bikes and disc wheels.

Charity refreshments downstairs with profits to the club’s nominated charity. For this event “cash is king” so bring along a few gold nuggets with the Royal Portrait on.

Started many years ago on the premise that cyclists like to talk, visit café stops to refuel and eat cake. They like to buy bikes and all things related. This generally means they have an excess of bike related stuff and a constant desire for cake.  This is an evening where you can combine all of these and catch up with friends in an informal setting.

Open to all, friends, family, if you would like to share the event link to those who might be interested it is on :

 Any questions, please use the contact Chair link below.


Rough Stuff – 9 Oct 2022

Eight riders successfully completed the Rough Stuff Challenge.

Unfortunately Marty Curren had to abandon after suffering a mechanical not far from the start.

The full list of finishers and e-certificates can be found here.