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National Mourning

Please see the note from British Cycling on Guidance For The Period Of National Mourning.

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Club AGM – 21 September

The club’s AGM will be held on Wednesday, September 21st at 7.30pm at our usual venue, St. Joseph’s Church Hall, Stokesley.

If you have any ideas or feedback on how the club, the activities and events could be improved then please let us know.

The AGM is for club members only.

Admin AGM Meetings

Club AGM – 22 September

The club’s AGM will be held on Wednesday, September 22nd at 7.30pm at our usual venue, St. Joseph’s Church Hall, Stokesley.

We are going for a face to face meeting, with the usual numbers who attend we will have enough space in the hall to allow social distancing to occur.

Mask wearing is not mandatory but up to the discretion of each individual.

We will ventilate the room as much as possible to allow airflow – i.e. leave doors/windows open etc

Please send any nominations for people wanting to stand for club positions, or any motions to either Shaun Joughin or Steve Tilly by end of Sunday, 19th September so that they can be added to the agenda.

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Evening Series

The Evening Series is starting on Thursday, 20 May.

If you are intending riding any of the events then it would help us if you register. This allows us to gauge interest and allocate marshalling duties.

The registration form can be accessed on the website at Evening Series/How to register.

That page also contains a list of riders who have already registered.

Admin Club Runs

Covid-19 Update

With the loosening of lockdown restrictions beginning on Monday 29th March, we’re excited to announce the return of our regular Tuesday evening, and weekend club runs.

To begin with, the club is recommending a return to the ‘Rule of 6’ which we operated with some success between lockdowns last year. As restrictions continue to be relaxed, group sizes can be increased accordingly. Bear in mind that social distancing remains in place along with other public safety requirements, in particular in the car park prior to departure.

In order to facilitate this, we will need additional ride leaders to step forward and post proposed routes to the FB page. If groups and routes can be planned in advance this will allow for a smoother rollout from the car park on the day.

Look forward to seeing you all again!