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New Club Jersey Survey

The results of the survey to pick the new club jersey are now available and are in the table below.

The table shows the number of votes each jersey got as first, second and third choices.

Each jersey is then given a points score as follows – (1st choice votes)x3 +(2nd choice votes)x2 + (third choice votes).

Using this weighting Jersey 2 ran out the winner. If you’ve forgotten what it looks like then it’s below.

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice Points
Jersey 1 33 35 36 205
Jersey 2 40 43 38 244
Jersey 3 30 51 45 237
Jersey 4 52 17 24 214
Jersey 2

Jersey 2

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

Club Clothing Order

Shaun O’Shea is preparing a new order for club kit. He hopes to send the order off next Saturday, 6 February.

We now have a different supplier and the new order form along with Shaun’s contact details are on Club Clothing page on the website.

Club Clothing – New Order

Shaun O’Shea is putting in a new clothing order this weekend (7/8 November). If you want anything then please contact Shaun as soon as possible. Instructions on how to order are on the website under club clothing.

Club Clothing

From Shaun O’Shea

As the last clothing order is due to be delivered shortly, I will be putting in a new order on Friday 17th July. This will be a good time to order your winter kit as I will not be putting in another until September.

See the website for ordering details.


Club Clothing

Shaun O’Shea intends placing another club clothing order on 18 January providing there is enough interest. All the information about clothing and ordering is on the website. Open up the drop down menu under “Club” and click Club Clothing. If you’ve got any problems then please post or contact Shaun.