Bring & Buy

CWCC Bring and Buy Sale – Friday 28th October

After a period of restricted social events the “Bring and Buy” at Stokesley Town Hall is back.

If you have not seen the posts on social media, this is a reminder that this will take place on Friday 28th October 2022.  Doors open for setting up at 6:30pm with general admission from 7pm. A mere £1 gets you entry into the upper deck where the majority of the trading activity takes place. If you have a large quantity of ‘stuff to sell’ then a collection of tables can be used for a nominal fee. 

For those who have attended before then you know how it all works, in the past it was quite a busy event with all types of trading from brake blocks to aero bikes and disc wheels.

Charity refreshments downstairs with profits to the club’s nominated charity. For this event “cash is king” so bring along a few gold nuggets with the Royal Portrait on.

Started many years ago on the premise that cyclists like to talk, visit café stops to refuel and eat cake. They like to buy bikes and all things related. This generally means they have an excess of bike related stuff and a constant desire for cake.  This is an evening where you can combine all of these and catch up with friends in an informal setting.

Open to all, friends, family, if you would like to share the event link to those who might be interested it is on :

 Any questions, please use the contact Chair link below.


Rough Stuff – 9 Oct 2022

Eight riders successfully completed the Rough Stuff Challenge.

Unfortunately Marty Curren had to abandon after suffering a mechanical not far from the start.

The full list of finishers and e-certificates can be found here.


Cleveland wheelers rough stuff challenge ride. Sunday 9th oct. 09.30. Fletchers farm

Hi wheelers. Please find below details of this years final challenge ride event. The rough stuff! A fun off road cycle around the foothills of the North Yorkshire moors. There’s also precious tourist trophy points available.  Sign on at fletcher’s farm car park ready for 09.30 depart, Sunday 9th October. As usual part of the challenge is to navigate the route and finish back at fletchers farm within the 4 hr cut off, although to be honest this ride tends to end up a group ride at a leisurely pace. The course is not to demanding and can be tackled on MTB, CX, or even one of these gravelly things, iv even seen it completed on a road bike whilst holding a breakfast bun!, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Anyhow, hopefully see some of you there.  Usual road club runs departing the tourist info car park that day at the usual time. 

Thanks, Dave k 


Youth Training & Cyclo-Cross Updates

Josef George writes :-

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well. Please see below and read carefully for the following updates to various parts of our youth training schedule going forward and information on our Cyclo Cross event.

Monday 19th September 2022 Cancelled

I’m sure that everyone will be aware of the current events that have been going on in the last week regarding Queen Elizabeth II & the Royal family. Due to her passing, Monday 19th September 2022 has been declared a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom. Therefore, our session is impacted by this.

Those in attendance at last night’s training session (12 Sept) will know that I had no official line, but pretty much said that it is highly likely that it would be cancelled, a decision that myself and the coaching team had already decided to take. Official word from Everyone Active today is that all facilities are to be closed for the entire day.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of this. Anyone who has already paid for next week’s session in advance will automatically have it rolled over to the following week.

Monday 26th September 2022 Onwards

Coaching will resume on Monday 26th September 2022, same price of £3, but at a new time of 6pm – 730pm.

In the last couple of weeks, between 7pm – 730pm, we have trialled having an extra 30 minutes of sprint training for the middle and fast groups respectively, in order to incorporate a little extra into our sessions for those who really want to get legs pedalling by putting in some fast-paced laps.

For our younger group, the session time will remain unchanged and stay at 6-7pm.

For those who are interested in Cyclo Cross too, be on the lookout on our Facebook group – CWCC Youth Training & League 2000 – for an interactive post as we are looking for your feedback on how to incorporate parts of this into our sessions. For anyone interested who feels like they don’t have the correct bike or set up, Coach Ian has offered have some bikes at our sessions that you can try out if you intend on entering any of the rounds this year. Our round is round 4 of the CXNE on Sunday 2nd October 2022 and it would be great to see as many of you there as possible. Please see the links below –

CXNE Full List of Rounds –

CXNE Round 4 host by CWCC –

NECCL information can be found here –

Myself and the Coaching team look forward to seeing you all on Monday 26th September 🙂

CWCC Website & Social Media

Official CWCC Website –                                                                           

Official CWCC Facebook Page –                                                               

Dedicated CWCC Youth Training & League 2000 Facebook Page –   

If you require anything further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks & regards,

Josef George

Youth Development Officer Cleveland Wheelers Cycling Club


Castleton 50 in 4 challenge ride. Sunday 18th Sept. 09.30 MSV

Cleveland wheelers castleton 50 in 4 challenge ride. Sunday 18th Sept, 09.30 MSV

Hi Wheelers, this Sunday 18th sept is our premier event! The Castleton 50 in 4 challenge ride. Start and sign on is at Middlesbrough sports village car park, be ready to roll out for 09.30. It’s free to enter and you have 4 hrs to complete the route.  Please see the link below for full details and route information. Unfortunately Castletown tea shop appears to be now closed? So sign off will be at the bench on the small green opposite castleton tea shop near the T junction. As is usual with the challenge rides, part of the challenge is to navigate the course and finish within the time cut off. Although the challenge rides are not lead rides, we will still probably operate a steady, medium and fast club run groups. You just need to be aware that you need to be self sufficient and able to deal with mechanical issues and Navigation, this is not a sportive!  Final thing is please can I ask you keep things tidy and respect your fellow riders and other road users. We are on display as the Cleveland wheelers when we operate these events, and please remember, it’s not a race! 

Thanks, and enjoy the ride, Dave K