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Evening series entry and info update / closing date April 15th.

Hi Wheelers. Just a few more days left if you would like to pre enter the Evening series. Closing date 15th April. As club members you can of course just turn up. However the preferred option is that you pre enter so that we can pre arrange marshals for each event. Everyone who enters the evening series helps out at one event each. Please follow the links below for further details and links to entry and info. Thanks, Dave k

Also you can follow this link to FAQs on the website

Tuesday evening club rides / 6pm Ayton / social / training

Hi wheelers. Well Tuesday evening club runs are upon us again. 6pm Ayton ready for 6.10 start. Regroup at the Buck in Ayton between 7.30-8pm if you wish. Thanks to the winter crew who have kept things going on and off over the dark nights.
When we first started these Tuesday night a few years ago we mainly did short local loops or hill repeats to cater for the different abilities. In the last couple of years it’s evolved more towards ability group club rides. I’d like to mix it up a bit between both these systems if possible. It all depends who turns up and what everyone wants to do of course. It’s your club run, you can do what you wish. If anyone has ideas of rides or training routines they wish to do then please speak up on the night or put your idea forward beforehand. The only thing I ask is that more experienced club riders can scan around the car park to identify newer or steadier riders and make sure they are catered for. I’d like to avoid steadier riders being battered out of the back door of a fast group if possible, of course if a steadier riders chooses to go fast group to test themselves that’s absolutely fine as long as they are aware they may end up being tailed off. I think to begin with this Tuesday we should just keep it simple and have 2 or 3 ability groups head off to do a ride. See you all there. Thanks, Dave k

Northallerton 50/4 cancelled. Sunday 18th march

Hi wheelers. I’m afraid I’m calling off the Northallerton 50/4 tomorrow. Combination of snow, ice and high winds. It’s one thing “manning up” to ride it, but then it can become cycling stupidity trying to ride in this weather. I’m not going to reschedule it as the Callander is to busy. You can all enjoy an extra beer tonight and have a day off tomorrow! Thanks, Dave k

Cleveland wheelers club runs / Ayton tourist info car park / 9.30 depart Saturday’s and Sunday’s / all groups

Hi wheelers. Please can you all take a look at the changes to club runs below starting from this weekend, notably the change to 9.30 depart for the steady / standard group on Saturdays and Sunday’s Thanks. Dave Kirton

The main club runs depart 9:30am every Sunday from Great Ayton Tourist Information Car Park. A smaller number of riders also meet at the same time on Saturdays. Members are encouraged to publish a suggested route on the members’ Facebook page which is open to all members. Please contact Dave Kirton if you need to be added to the group. There can be more than one ride in each group (eg hilly and flat). Group size should be restricted to about 12 riders for safety reasons.

Standard Group – Open to anyone who can achieve a minimum speed of 14mph when riding in a group on the flat. Aims to finish at 12 noon.

Medium Group – 16-18mph depending on terrain. Open to any member who can maintain a minimum speed of 18mph when riding in a group on the flat. Aims to be back between 12:30 and 1pm.

Fast Group – A longer ride averaging up to about 22mph for more experienced members only.

To protect yourself from claims from other road users or pedestrians in the event of a collision, all riders should have third party liability insurance which is available through Cycling UK, British Cycling and elsewhere.

Participation in club activities is entirely at your own risk. All participants should adhere to the Cleveland Wheelers’ Ride Guide which has been written by club members.

Cleveland wheelers club runs

Hi wheelers. As many of you will be aware there has been some discussion regarding the club runs recently. As a result a small group of us has met to discus issues and we have came up with a few tweaks we would like to make to smooth out the operation of the club runs. I won’t go in to these changes yet. First things first, we would like to create a list of all those who currently lead rides plus any potential ride leaders. For any potential ride leaders please don’t be put off by the ride leader title! It’s not as serious as it sounds. What are you expected to do? Well club runs operate as informal rides, what this means is that all the riders are responsible for themselves, the job of the ride leader is mainly to act as a focal point for their ride in the car park, suggesting routes, and ensuring the group rides smoothly, sticks together and adheres to the suggested speed and distance.

Please can all those who currently lead rides and those that are interested in the role please reply to register your interest. Also we would like as many of the ride leaders / potential ride leaders or those who just want some input to meet at the cycle circuit on Monday 4th sept at 7.30pm after the kids training for half hour or so. Bike not necessarily required. We’re certainly not meeting to tell anyone how to suck eggs, we just want to discus leading groups along with our coaches Nick Smith and Anthony Moy to ensure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet, also listen to your suggestions and try to answer any questions.

Hopefully see many of you at the track next Monday.

Thanks, for you help. Dave K.