Paul Christon Mountain challenge ride / Sunday 15th May. 09.30. Ayton

Hi all, the next challenge ride in the series, the Paul Christon mountain challenge is this Sunday 15th, 09.30 departing Ayton tourist info car park.  For anyone who hasn’t taken part before, there are 3 routes available, standard, plus, and Killer. Please see the link below for further route details. Don’t come expecting a pleasant day out! Our late friend paul designed these routes to make you all suffer majorly!, so let’s not disappoint!

    The challenge rides are not usually lead rides, and part of the challenge is to navigate the route, however if riders wish to gather in their usual club run groups then that would be helpful.  Any riders not wishing to take part please organise your club run as normal.  Last thing, I’m after 2 or 3 volunteers as gate openers and closers on Gribdale? So if anyone not taking part would like to volunteer as part of their ride / spectating / then that would be a big help. Otherwise last rider up Gribdale to close the gates.  Thanks, and enjoy!  Dave K 


Northallerton 50 in 4. Sunday 13th March. 09:30  

Hi Wheelers. It’s challenge ride time again. The opening event is this Sunday’s Northallerton 50 in 4. Free sign on and start from Ayton tourist info car park, be ready for a 09.30 depart.  Finishing at Stokesley, with sign off outside Stokesley town hall.  I have made some small amendments again this year as traditionally riders can get a little excited with this event with it being the opening tourist trial of the year. If I can ask that riders depart in some sort of ability order with fastest riders first, aiming to prevent groups having to pass on the road, once underway I must insist that riders keep themselves neutralised, especially through Stokesley high street ! “It’s not a race”!  I have also moved the route finish to the Stokesley sign when heading back in to Stokesley from Hutton Rudby, to deter riders from maintaining average speed through Stokesley high street. 

For anyone that’s new to the challenge rides or doesn’t wish to get involved at the pointy end! I’m looking to run the wheelers steady, medium and fast groups as standard club runs around the course.  Remember that tourist trial points are available for completing the challenge rides, with extra points for proper fitted mudguards, and a proper saddle bag that’s capable of carrying a sandwich and a flask! Link to event details and route below. 

Please ride tidy and safely, and most of all, Enjoy.  

Thanks, Dave K


Northallerton 50 in 4, ( 2021)

A mainly successful day for the Northallerton 50 in 4 new 2021 route, with 53 riders attending for the challenge ride and navigating the new route. Had good feedback on the event and route as a whole, Some fast group rides around the course today, but of course it’s not a race, the true event is all about the tourist trophy and we have two early leaders in contention, Shaun Joughin and Tom Levell both qualifying for extra points today with proper saddle bags and mudguards. Looks like this is going to be the competition to watch this year. Other rides of note, veteran and one of the founder members of the Cleveland wheelers Terry Lunn age 82 made his annual trip from York to Ayton to take part and completed the course. Please find in the comments below the list of participants, I was unable to get round quick enough to tick everyone off at the finish but you know if you have completed it. Thanks, Dave k

List of participants 

David Appleyard, Steven Potter, John Price, Terry Lunn ( Cleveland wheelers founder member age 82 ) ! Tom Levell, John Horlock, Jonathan Towers, Andy Scott, Chris Lowrence, Shaun Joughin, Marcus Smith, M Hanson, Dave Lawson, David Hick, Ryan Murray, Andy Curson, Richard Veitch, Peter Gunn, Dan Smith, Kieran Emmett, Annabel Sill, Jim Benbow, Aleks Ajeikilas, Phil Harvey, Mark Hutchinson, Dan Evens, Matt Dickens, Anthony Moy, Mark Frazer, Lee Revely, Holly Lincoln, John Carr, Mike Jefferies, Paul Stephenson, Eric Harkins, Stu Nielson, Lee O’Leary, Reese O’Leary, Rohan Smith, Richard Carter, Micheal Renison, Lowrie Dryden, Eoin Carroll, Dan Waring, Kev Johnson, Ian Fryet, Gavin Chatto, Michela Vincent, Matt Allsop, Aaron Preston, Toby Tanfield, Harry Tanfield, Simon Coates . 


Cleveland wheelers marshalling duties 2021

Hi all, the Cleveland wheelers needs you! It’s that time of year again when we require members to commit to helping with a club event or events. I’m sure you can all appreciate that the club would be unable to function or produce high quality events without the help of its members. 

Obviously things are a little different this year as we are still in the grip of pandemic restrictions, so if I could ask you all to be flexible where possible. We really don’t know if the Hilly 21 scheduled for the 21st of March will go ahead, or the mountain tt on 25th April? So if members selecting to marshal these events could be flexible for if the event is rescheduled? Obviously if the dates change then we can’t hold you to the Marshall duty. We will just have to see how the year unfolds. 

Also i have removed the option for selecting to marshal for the league 2000. Mainly as most people who select to marshal the L2k are already involved so it just means I’m generating an unnecessary extra list. 

Anyhow please see the google survey below where you can tick (NOT) for event dates that you are unavailable. Members exempt from marshalling are over 70s, under 18s, honorary members and those who already carry out club duties including L2k. Also please note that the open event marshalling is not to be confused with evening series marshalling which you committ to seperetly on entering the evening series. Please can you all return your responces by 28th of February. Thanks for your help with this.  

Cheers, Dave k


Cleveland wheelers membership renewal. 2020-21

Hi wheelers. You will all be pleased to hear that it’s membership renewal time of year again for 2020-21. I know you will all be so keen to rejoin! Its been a strange year for sure, but I hope you have all managed to get something out of your membership this year?, it actually ended up a busy year with lots going on as the club evolved and adapted to the Covid situation. Anyhow please find below the best ways to pay your £15 membership. The deadline for renewals is Nov 30th after which point you lose the benefits of Cleveland wheelers membership. So please don’t delay.
The online payment is the preferred option. It’s easier for me, and easier for you. I have provided the link to the membership section of the website so that you can all familiarise yourself with conditions of membership before following the link on the website to the sports entry solutions page. ( please note there is an SES admin charge of 60p ) I won’t be sending confirmation e mails as the SES system sends you a receipt anyway. Just to note the membership details form now asks you a preferred date when available to marshal. If your not able to commit to an event now then not to worry, I will be sending out a marshalling availability survey in February anyway. It’s simply serving as a reminder of members marshalling obligations. Also when you get through to the pay pal payment page, you don’t need to have a pay pal account. You can simply check out as a guest with card payment.

Anyone who wishes to pay by cash I will be a available to take payment at club runs and various other Cleveland wheelers venues, or simply stick it through my door with a note.
Renewal fee is £15 adults, under 18s are free. Josef George keeps a record of all our under 18s membership now. I don’t believe Josef needs parents to take any action on this.
You can also pay by cheque made payable to Cleveland Wheelers and post it through my door. If your posting cheques then please check with me that it has arrived as they have a habit of going missing in the post! I don’t take bank transfers or PayPal as we have the online system in place and things become to complicated.
For anyone who isn’t planning on rejoining the club, please also just let me know. It’s much easier that way.
Please disregard this e mail if your an over 70s life member, honorary member, have paid recently or you joined the club on or after July 1st of this year in which case you should have already received an e mail from me asking you to disregard membership reminders. Any questions regarding your membership status then please just let me know.
Thanks, Dave k