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Evening Series

The Evening Series is starting on Thursday, 20 May.

If you are intending riding any of the events then it would help us if you register. This allows us to gauge interest and allocate marshalling duties.

The registration form can be accessed on the website at Evening Series/How to register.

That page also contains a list of riders who have already registered.

Club Open Events Time Trials

CWCC “Mountain 25”

Sunday 25th April saw the latest edition of Cleveland Wheeler’s “Mountain 25” TT over the Castleton to Hutton-Le-Hole course. This was the first Wheelers’ open event of the year and was a great success with its largest ever field and a lot of quality riders. Thankfully the “covid friendly” sign-on was helped by some decent weather – we dread to think how that could have gone in an April downpour!

The final results are on the CTT website and also available as a PDF (see download link below).

Additionally there is a photo album on our Google Photos site here courtesy of in-house photographer Michael Guess. Feel free to download and use any that you want for your own non-commercial use.

Additional photos are also available from professional photographer Mayo Creative.

Cleveland Wheelers wish to thank all of those who helped make this event possible, from the organiser, officials, helpers, competitors to spectators & supporters. We look forward to seeing you again at future events.

Time Trials

Update from CTT

Good News

We have finally confirmed the 2021 open event programme for time trials on Teesside.

The updated programme is in the latest edition (amendment 4) of the 2021 Teesside District Cycling Time Trials Open Events & Competition Booklet.

The changes are :-

  • We have an additional hill climb on Sunday 12th September 2021, to be organized by AIMS Cycling. This is the first event to be organized by this local sponsored club. More exciting, is that they have chosen to resurrect the previous Teesside Cycling Association Championship Hill, Kildale hill. This was used for decades, quite often the only hill climb in the district, and was last used circa late eighties. The climb takes you from just north of Kildale village up towards Gribdale Moor. The district’s thanks go to AIMS Cycling for stepping forward with this new event. With the addition of this new hill climb, Teesside now boasts 6 hill climbs in the district in 2021, something I do not think has been experienced before. Please support these events by either riding them (and qualifying for the Teesside District hill climb championship) or if restrictions permit, give the riders some support and encouragement.
  • The VTTA (North) 15mile time trial scheduled for 12th September 2021 has been cancelled.

All event details have been updated on the Cycling Time Trials website.

It is hoped, if the current roadmap to the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions go ahead as planned, there will not be too many difficulties experienced in the organizing of the programme of events. The only area of concern is whether village halls will be made available for use as headquarters, something recently experienced by the organizer of the forthcoming Stockton Wheelers SPOCO event & inaugural District Road Bike Championship.

On a positive note, lets all look forward to a full season of events and hopefully some better weather

Kindest Regards & Please Keep Safe
Gavin Russell
Teesside District Secretary

Club Open Events Time Trials

Hilly 21

The club’s Hilly 21 open time trial planned for Sunday, 21 March 2021 has been postponed. We are hoping to run the event later in the season.

Club Open Events Hillclimbs Photography Time Trials

CWCC Hillclimb Gallery

Here is a photo gallery from CWCC resident photographer Michael Guess. Apologies to those who we missed and to those who we couldn’t name.

Feel free to use any photo you want for your own non-commercial use, please give Michael credit if you do use it. Many thanks.

To Photo Gallery…