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Hilly 21

The club’s Hilly 21 open time trial planned for Sunday, 21 March 2021 has been postponed. We are hoping to run the event later in the season.

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CWCC Hillclimb Gallery

Here is a photo gallery from CWCC resident photographer Michael Guess. Apologies to those who we missed and to those who we couldn’t name.

Feel free to use any photo you want for your own non-commercial use, please give Michael credit if you do use it. Many thanks.

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Club Open Events Hillclimbs Time Trials

CWCC Open Hillclimb 2020

27 September 2020

Course: THC33

Organising Secretary

Steven Tilly


Shaun Joughin, Bill Millen


Gareth Frost, Neil Proctor, Neil Archer, Dave Kirton, Anthony Moy, Jonathan Quain



  • 1= Jude Taylor £50
  • 1= Andrew Feather £50
  • 3 Tom Bell £30


  • 1 Hannah Farran £60
  • 2 Megan Anderson £40
  • 3 Georgia Campbell £30

Male Age Cats

  • Juv Matthew Cole £20
  • Jun John Russell £20
  • V40 Richard King £20
  • V45 Graeme Wardale £20
  • V50 Mark Snape £20
  • V55 Alain White £20
  • V60+ Hilton Armstrong £20

Female Age Cats

  • Jun Holly Lincoln £20
  • V50 Kate Sanderson £20

Rob Hughes Memorial Shield (Fastest Teesside Vet)

  • Stephen Belbin


Many thanks to organisers, timekeepers, marshals and competitors for making this, once again, a very successful event. It has been difficult getting events on this year so it was especially appreciated that you all turned up in great numbers, very heartening to see. Thank you all too for complying with the Covid regulations and keeping the event safe, hopefully next year we can get back to something like normality, though that seems a long way off just yet.

Thanks once again to our sponsors Contemporary Stokesley Hair Salon, without whom our prize fund could not be so generous, and to Fietsen Tempo CC for the Rob Hughes Shield.

Hillclimbs Time Trials

Cleveland Wheelers Hillclimb 2020

This is usually an enjoyable spectacle for riders and spectators alike and attracts a fair gathering of people to cheer the riders on up the hill. However, under the current circumstances we would ask if you could kindly NOT come to spectate the event this year. It’s disappointing, I know, but it’s for the best and is in line with CTT guidance on the matter. If anyone decides that they are going to come and spectate we’d ask, in fact INSIST, that they keep well away from officials (including marshals) and participants.

Thank you for your understanding – hopefully this time next year we can get back to running and enjoying events as normal.

Evening Series Time Trials

Evening Series

The official results for Week 7 on  3 September are now on the website. They can be found at EVENING SERIES/Seamer Time Trial Series/Results 2020.