League 2000

Josef George writes :-

Hello everyone,

The results from each round of the League 2000 are being sent to you via the email address that you provided when you signed up. Results are also available on the Cleveland Wheelers website at under the ‘League 2000’ tab and moving down to the ‘Results’ tab in the drop-down menu. Information is also available on our social media. Please use this time to familiarise yourself with the various tabs under the League 2000 banner for information on how the evening works, members of the League 2000 team, calendar of events and much more!

Round 2 Stats & Info –

  • The League 2000 returns for its 26th season, with a full 12 rounds between April – July 2023.
  • Round 2 continued the season strong with 53 riders taking part on a bright and sunny evening but the rain did catch us at the end in the final two races.
  • 6 riders took part in Round 2 of the League 2000 for the very first time this season, with 3 brand new starters.
  • 22 riders improved on their TT times based on their previous time that they had set.
  • Lots of positive smiling faces having fun and a good sense of camaraderie across all clubs represented, as always, creating a lovely atmosphere.
  • Thank you for attending and we hope you all had fun & enjoyed the round! The next round, Round 3, is on Monday 22nd May 2023.

Housekeeping Messages – 

  • Please make sure that you register for the League 2000. You only need to register ONCE for the whole series. You cannot enter any rounds unless you register first. If you still need to register, see this link –
  • Upon your arrival to any round, please walk through the sports village facilities with your bike and only ride your bike at the cycle circuit. Please do not ride your bike in the car park or when travelling from your car to the cycle circuit and when returning to your car at the end of the evening.
  • When entering your child/children using the online form, please make sure that you are entering the correct information. We had a number of errors in our system that needed to be amended. Main things include your child’s full name, their year of birth, club and your contact email address. Please help us work these out correctly as it costs us time on the evening. If you spot anything that is incorrect, please reach out and get in touch and we can correct this.
  • Please arrive in a timely manner between 6-615pm for a 630pm start time. Dont forget to get your gears checked first before signing on.
  • Sign on is cash only. It would be much appreciated if you can have the correct monetary value for your child/children at each event. Ensuring this happens, we can make sign on more streamline and save time on the evening.
  • The majority if not all of the League 2000 team are all fully first aid trained and we spread ourselves out around the circuit and hut over the course of the evening. Should anyone need any first aid treatment, please see a member of the League 2000 team or visit the club house.
  • Contrary to popular belief, both sides of the Skills course are exactly the same, so you don’t specifically need to sign on as an odd or even number. Please line up in number order (odd or even) and be ready to take your turn.
  • For the Time Trial, please line up in number order and be ready to take your turn. Missing your turn really messes up the system and slows things down on the evening. You may be given another slot but this is entirely at the discretion of the officials. To avoid missing out, please help us get this correct going forward.
  • For the Time Trial, please remind riders that the circuit goes around the hill loop as well. Please do not cut or do the short lap as this will invalidate your time and score. It may also mean you are put into the wrong race!
  • During the Road Races, please can you inform your child/children to continue to ride across the finish line towards the hut and come to safe stop further down where the time trial usually starts. Please do not let them stop on the finish line or just pull off to one side as riders behind may still be sprinting. Whilst we have had a few near misses in the past, thankfully no serious accidents have happened. Please help us in preventing these from occurring.
  • A quick message to all riders, when riding your bike, hands must remain on bars at all times during any of the events, unless it is required to do so for the skills course. No one or no handers, this includes when crossing the finish line! Anyone spotted doing this will be docked points or disqualified, you have been warned!
  • Your cooperation is much appreciated with all of these points and if we are all able to get this right, we can make the evenings much more streamlined. You have as much say in how smooth the evening runs as much as we do 🙂

Round 2 Results & Top 5’s –

  • Only the top 5 in the Skills, Time Trial and Road Races are listed in the table below.
  • For a full breakdown, please see the attached file for the positions of all events in Round 2 and the overall points positions per age category in the League so far.
Round 21st2nd3rd4th5th
SkillsDaniel ThompsonJake DavidsonLewis Bell
Leo Lucas-Barker
N/AStacey Williams
Time TrialDaniel ThompsonDaniel ShiptonDaniel BanksJake Davidson
Matthew Best
2 Small LapsWilliam NicolleJessica Lucas-BarkerJoshua MitchellAmelia RushbyLuke Daly
3 Large LapsDevon JoblingScarlett DalyEthan McGregorJessica ReadGeorge Martin Murray
4 Large LapsGeorge DaviesLuke ShiptonTheo CarterWilliam MooreBailey Jobling
5 Large LapsDaniel ShiptonDaniel ThompsonJake DavidsonMatthew BestHarry Read
Most Combative RiderAlfie Canterdale    
Most Improved TimeHenry Playforth    

Prize Money –

Prize money winners are highlighted in bold in the table above.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Road Races) – £3, £2, £1
  • Most Combative Rider (Skills) – £2 (TO BE AWARDED FROM ROUND 2)
  • Most Improved Time (Time Trial) – £2 (TO BE AWARDED FROM ROUND 2)

Please collect any winning prize money at the following round during sign on.

Website & Social Media –

  • Official CWCC Website –                                                                           
  • Official CWCC Facebook Page –                                                               

Myself and the team look forward to seeing you for Round 3 on Monday 22nd May 2023.

If you require anything further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks & regards,

Josef George

Youth Development Officer

Cleveland Wheelers Cycling Club