Cleveland wheelers return to club runs / guidance

Hi Wheelers,

Following the governments relaxing of social distancing rules, British Cycling has announced that group rides of up to six riders are now permitted if social distancing and hygiene rules are followed. We are therefore wishing to tentatively reintroduce club group rides. But to do this we need your help.

We do not have enough established ride leaders to accommodate all who may wish to take part. And we have members who have recently joined who are keen to get involved with group rides.

We are therefore asking members to post proposed rides on our FB members group. (Let me know if you’re not in the group!) Simply include the start location and time, rough route, mileage and speed and invite members to join you. Once you have 5 positive responses the ride is full. If there are more than 5 responses the ride will need to split into two or more groups of no more than 6.

Please read British Cycling’s guidance attached. In particular:
• No more than 6 per group.
• No snotting or spitting. If you really can’t help it, ensure it is at the back of the group and not near any member of the public.
• Maintain social distancing.
• Give pedestrians (even on footpaths) and other cyclists 2 metres when passing.
• Do not attend if you have potential corona virus symptoms or you have been told to self isolate.

Club rides can resumes, meeting at Ayton tourist info car park ready to depart Sundays 09.30 and Tuesdays 18.10, but only if riders know who’s group they are in on arrival. It will not be possible to organise riders into groups whilst social distancing if large numbers turn up. As a club we cannot be seen to be ignoring government guidelines.

Please help us to reintroduce Covid-Safe club rides!

Dave k

Click to access The_Way_Forward_08-07-20.pdf