Community Racing Special Events

East Cleveland Klondike Grand Prix – Sunday 2 April 2017

The East Cleveland Klondike Grand Prix, which takes place on Sunday 2 April 2017, has the potential to become a very important date on the professional cycle racing calendar in the UK.

Our race is particularly challenging and hence is has been moved to the front of the race list. It is part of the HSBC Business Spring Elite Series & we have managed to make this race the qualifier for the Tour de Yorkshire.

The Klondike is endorsed and run through British Cycling. The race is for professional riders and we hope to be welcoming 120 – 140 professional riders and their teams.

The race will start in Guisborough and then progress through Slapewath, Charltons, Margrove Park, Boosbeck, Lingdale,  Skinningrove, Loftus, Easington, Liverton Village, Liverton Mines, Loftus, Brotton, Saltburn, Four Lane Ends, Apple Orchard, Skelton Castle, Skelton Green, Boosbeck (this circuit is done three times). See map.

They will then come back via Upleatham back into Guisborough for a Town Centre circuit. The route is Cemetery roundabout, Bolckow Road, Stokesley Road, the Avenue, Hutton Lane, Westgate, Whitby Lane to Gisborough Hall to Laurence Jackson School then back round (five times). See map.

Whilst the main race is out in East Cleveland, we are also hosting a de-classified ladies race, which will be an exciting “criterium” race around a one kilometre Town Centre circuit.

The Klondike has been designed to take in as many of our beautiful villages and the spectacular scenery we are so privileged to live within. However, by passing through so many residential areas and by finishing with several circuits around Guisborough Town Centre, it presents a highly technical challenge with regards to closing the roads.

On the day, the Police and a specialised traffic management company (Community TM Ltd – ‘CTM’) will utilise an army of resources to safely see the race convoy around. But (and this is where you come in), to keep the race to a sensible budget, we are calling on volunteers to turn out and get involved.

We are looking for support from members for the traffic management teams and also for you to talk positively about the race to others to help me to make it happen.

  • We need help from mature, responsible volunteers.
  • Their roles will vary, from working with the traffic management Team out on the main course, to covering junctions in the Town Centre.
  • CTM will provide input to all volunteers, to ensure that every volunteer fully understands (and is 100% comfortable with) their role.
  • This is a genuinely exciting opportunity to get involved with a professional cycle race. You will be fully prepared and briefed to carry out the various roles, all of which will (effectively) consist of explaining to motorists what is occurring and how long for.

If you want to become part of this exciting new venture, or if you’ve got any questions, please contact Jayne Barnard, the Tourism Officer. Jayne can be contacted as follows :-

  • Email :
  • Office : 01287  643203
  • Mobile:  0795 7426 452