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Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st September from about 19:45 to 21:00. The venue is St. Joseph’s RC Church Hall in Stokesley, see this link for a map.

The main item on the agenda so far is a revised constitution. The original constitution was drawn up back in 1958 and is little changed since then. As such it does not meet British Cycling (and other sports/social bodies) recommendations (e.g makes no mention of inclusiveness, safeguarding, anti-bullying etc., all buzzwords of the modern era). The committee has re-drafted the constitution based on BC recommendations and retaining those parts of the original constitution that have been deemed necessary.

The section of the constitution that covered racing/TT events (both open and club-only) has been removed from the constitution as such and is now an appendix. This would give the committee greater flexibility to organise events rather than it all having to be done at the AGM as currently happens. People may be co-opted in to run events at the committee’s discretion throughout the season. It is hoped that this might lead to an increase in the number of events being run and the continuation of existing events.

The draft of the new constitution can be found here.

If anyone has any other items they would like to be raised at the AGM please email with a properly worded proposal by 1st September.

After the meeting it is usual to retire to the pub for a bit of refreshment!

See you all there.