27 riders took part today in the annual CWCC freewheeling competition, results below.
Well done to Marcus Smith for his second recent win on a bike borrowed from a Tanfield. Maybe Marcus knows his own bearings don’t run smooth enough…?


  1. Marcus Smith
  2. Michael Gettings
  3. Stewart Tanfield
  4. Harry Tanfield
  5. Mike Rennison
  6. Andy Kneeshaw
  7. Charlie Tanfield
  8. Darren Pine
  9. Julie McNicholas
  10. Shaun O’Shea
  11. Toby Tanfield
  12. Dave Kirton
  13. Chris Roose
  14. Martin Pountain
  15. Debbie Pine
  16. Paul Curry
  17. Roy Turner
  18. Trish Bell
  19. Diana Mayes
  20. John Carr
  21. Margaret Turner
  22. Thomas Fryatt
  23. Ross Turner
  24. Steve Binks
  25. John Kell
  26. Isabelle Mayes
  27. Rebecca Mayes

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