Tour De Yorkshire , Friday 1st May, 2pm

Hi wheelers. I know many of you have been asking if there is an official club run to ride over and view the Tour De Yorkshire this Friday 1st May. Well yes there are plans in the pipeline. Much of it depends on the weather of course.

The plan is to meet at Great Ayton tourist info car park at 11.30 for a steady amble over in Castleton direction. The tour heads up from Rosedale, over Blakey ridge and down towards Castleton sometime shortly after 2pm. If the weathers good then we plan to spectate at Ralph’s cross at the junction to Rosedale as there is good viewing in to the distance (we could call at the Lion in before hand if we have time?) If the weather is not so good then we can watch in Danby where it’s more sheltered and there is a small climb. I will make a decision nearer the time. If anyone wants to meet us over that way then that’s great. Also if anyone would like to do an extra club run meeting at Auton at say 10am to do a loop first before riding over 11.30am then that’s also fine. Wrap up warm, bring supplies and be ready to give our Cleveland Wheelers Super star rider Harry Tanfield a big cheer. I’m sure we will all be wishing him good luck and hoping for a big big performance from him on home soil.

See you all at Ayton. I will confirm plans for viewing location via the website later this week.

Thanks, Dave

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