From Tom Fleming :-

I am getting in touch to let you know about a FREE new web-app, called Collideoscope, designed to enable cyclists to report incidents and near-misses they experience when cycling in the UK to the relevant local Council.  It has been developed by ITP and mySociety to raise awareness of this road safety issue, and attempt to improve the quality of data that can be used to prioritise and design safer cycling infrastructure.

The Association of Chief Police Officers has previously indicated they believe only 1-in-12 cycle injury collisions are recorded, based on a comparison of A&E reporting and official STATS19 data.  We also think there is value in collecting data on near-misses that could result in serious injuries to cyclists or other road users.  This could help to highlight the locations where it is only good fortune that has prevented a large number of more serious incidents from taking place.  You can find out more about why we have created the site, and our mission here.

Whilst we sincerely hope that you never have cause to use Collideoscope, we thought it made sense to get in touch and ask you to check out the site and (if you like it!) let other cyclists in your area know it exists.  If you want to stay in touch with us via social media then you can find us on Facebook and twitter.

Finally, we have a number of thoughts on how we might continue to improve the site, but would love to hear any suggestions or ideas you have.  Provided we can raise more sponsorship then we will be continuing to develop the site over the coming months, along with sharing anonymised injury-related data collected in London with Barts NHS Health Trust’s Bespoke Study.

Thanks for taking the time to check-out Collideoscope, and please get in touch if you need any more information.

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