Monday Night Training

Tonight (27th Oct) – Monday evening Autumn/Winter bicycle practice:

More pedaling economy, technique, balance on the bike and devilish sprints. If there’s strong cross winds, it’ll be a fantastically welcome extra challenge for tight formation riding.

Venue: Prissick cycle circuit, Marton Road, Middlesbrough
Dates: Mondays from October 6th
Times: 7.15 p.m. for a 7.30 start until 9.00 pm.
Cost: £3.00
Target group: Mixed sex, mixed ability, (complete novices welcome),

What to expect: Drills concentrating on tight formation riding, pace line etiquette, riding economy; Warm-up 10 laps to destruction; team time trial efforts; simulated points races; break bridging and the best event of the day – the devil.

Great turnout last week. Would be good to see double figures in the females…

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