Club Runs

Club Runs

Hi Wheelers. Over the past month we have been fine tuning the club runs with the introduction of the easy paced group which has really taken off, plus various club run regulars volunteering to lead groups organised via the Cleveland Wheelers ride leaders face book page. It all seems to be running well, however the last little tweak for now is we are going to separate the start times of the steady and fast groups to avoid confusion and the amount of numbers gathering in the car park. This will encourage riders to decide which group they are going to ride with before they leave home and assist the ride leaders organising their group. This worked well a couple of winters ago. So for the winter period the start times will be as below and we will see how it goes. All routes to be made up on the day by ride leaders as weather becomes a big factor, unless we decide to put out a special route . additional rides can be organised via Cleveland Wheelers members face book page.

Saturday. 10.30. Easy paced group 14-15mph. 25-35 miles. (we have made it 10.30 start to allow some members to get over from the park run)

Sunday. 09.30. Easy paced group 14-15mph. 25-35 miles.

09.45. Fast group 18-19mph.

10.00. regular steady group 16-17mph

The above rides will not be advertised weekly, they are a weekly feature however please keep an eye on wheelers website and face book page for additional rides. Marcus smith is currently running the Monday prissick nights plus strength training on a Saturday morning. Also if anyone fancies organising a faster Saturday group then please organise it via the wheelers face book page and we can see how it goes.

Please enjoy your riding over the winter months and remember that mudguard season is now upon us!

Thanks. Dave Kirton.

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