Northallerton 50 in 4, ( 2021)

A mainly successful day for the Northallerton 50 in 4 new 2021 route, with 53 riders attending for the challenge ride and navigating the new route. Had good feedback on the event and route as a whole, Some fast group rides around the course today, but of course it’s not a race, the true event is all about the tourist trophy and we have two early leaders in contention, Shaun Joughin and Tom Levell both qualifying for extra points today with proper saddle bags and mudguards. Looks like this is going to be the competition to watch this year. Other rides of note, veteran and one of the founder members of the Cleveland wheelers Terry Lunn age 82 made his annual trip from York to Ayton to take part and completed the course. Please find in the comments below the list of participants, I was unable to get round quick enough to tick everyone off at the finish but you know if you have completed it. Thanks, Dave k

List of participants 

David Appleyard, Steven Potter, John Price, Terry Lunn ( Cleveland wheelers founder member age 82 ) ! Tom Levell, John Horlock, Jonathan Towers, Andy Scott, Chris Lowrence, Shaun Joughin, Marcus Smith, M Hanson, Dave Lawson, David Hick, Ryan Murray, Andy Curson, Richard Veitch, Peter Gunn, Dan Smith, Kieran Emmett, Annabel Sill, Jim Benbow, Aleks Ajeikilas, Phil Harvey, Mark Hutchinson, Dan Evens, Matt Dickens, Anthony Moy, Mark Frazer, Lee Revely, Holly Lincoln, John Carr, Mike Jefferies, Paul Stephenson, Eric Harkins, Stu Nielson, Lee O’Leary, Reese O’Leary, Rohan Smith, Richard Carter, Micheal Renison, Lowrie Dryden, Eoin Carroll, Dan Waring, Kev Johnson, Ian Fryet, Gavin Chatto, Michela Vincent, Matt Allsop, Aaron Preston, Toby Tanfield, Harry Tanfield, Simon Coates .