Cleveland wheelers marshalling duties 2021

Hi all, the Cleveland wheelers needs you! It’s that time of year again when we require members to commit to helping with a club event or events. I’m sure you can all appreciate that the club would be unable to function or produce high quality events without the help of its members. 

Obviously things are a little different this year as we are still in the grip of pandemic restrictions, so if I could ask you all to be flexible where possible. We really don’t know if the Hilly 21 scheduled for the 21st of March will go ahead, or the mountain tt on 25th April? So if members selecting to marshal these events could be flexible for if the event is rescheduled? Obviously if the dates change then we can’t hold you to the Marshall duty. We will just have to see how the year unfolds. 

Also i have removed the option for selecting to marshal for the league 2000. Mainly as most people who select to marshal the L2k are already involved so it just means I’m generating an unnecessary extra list. 

Anyhow please see the google survey below where you can tick (NOT) for event dates that you are unavailable. Members exempt from marshalling are over 70s, under 18s, honorary members and those who already carry out club duties including L2k. Also please note that the open event marshalling is not to be confused with evening series marshalling which you committ to seperetly on entering the evening series. Please can you all return your responces by 28th of February. Thanks for your help with this.  

Cheers, Dave k