Tuesday evening club rides / 6pm Ayton / social / training

Hi wheelers. Well Tuesday evening club runs are upon us again. 6pm Ayton ready for 6.10 start. Regroup at the Buck in Ayton between 7.30-8pm if you wish. Thanks to the winter crew who have kept things going on and off over the dark nights.
When we first started these Tuesday night a few years ago we mainly did short local loops or hill repeats to cater for the different abilities. In the last couple of years it’s evolved more towards ability group club rides. I’d like to mix it up a bit between both these systems if possible. It all depends who turns up and what everyone wants to do of course. It’s your club run, you can do what you wish. If anyone has ideas of rides or training routines they wish to do then please speak up on the night or put your idea forward beforehand. The only thing I ask is that more experienced club riders can scan around the car park to identify newer or steadier riders and make sure they are catered for. I’d like to avoid steadier riders being battered out of the back door of a fast group if possible, of course if a steadier riders chooses to go fast group to test themselves that’s absolutely fine as long as they are aware they may end up being tailed off. I think to begin with this Tuesday we should just keep it simple and have 2 or 3 ability groups head off to do a ride. See you all there. Thanks, Dave k