Cleveland wheelers club runs

Hi wheelers. As many of you will be aware there has been some discussion regarding the club runs recently. As a result a small group of us has met to discus issues and we have came up with a few tweaks we would like to make to smooth out the operation of the club runs. I won’t go in to these changes yet. First things first, we would like to create a list of all those who currently lead rides plus any potential ride leaders. For any potential ride leaders please don’t be put off by the ride leader title! It’s not as serious as it sounds. What are you expected to do? Well club runs operate as informal rides, what this means is that all the riders are responsible for themselves, the job of the ride leader is mainly to act as a focal point for their ride in the car park, suggesting routes, and ensuring the group rides smoothly, sticks together and adheres to the suggested speed and distance.

Please can all those who currently lead rides and those that are interested in the role please reply to register your interest. Also we would like as many of the ride leaders / potential ride leaders or those who just want some input to meet at the cycle circuit on Monday 4th sept at 7.30pm after the kids training for half hour or so. Bike not necessarily required. We’re certainly not meeting to tell anyone how to suck eggs, we just want to discus leading groups along with our coaches Nick Smith and Anthony Moy to ensure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet, also listen to your suggestions and try to answer any questions.

Hopefully see many of you at the track next Monday.

Thanks, for you help. Dave K.