League 2000

League 2000, 17/07/2017

A photo roundup from last night’s extremely warm & sunny League 2000.

We’re not blessed with many evenings as lovely as last night, but regardless of the weather participation this year has been extremely good, averaging over 80 children per week. You can see by the look on some of the smaller ones’ faces just how much they love the event.

Skills Course

Rachel from Stockton Wheelers ends up helping almost every week, despite also competing herself. We’re indebted to everyone who helps out at the event.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 18-41-53

Time Trial

Wheelers’ legendary timekeeper Bill keeps an eagle eye on proceedings. Bill times at League 2000 every week, as well as the CWCC evening series and most of our open events.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 19-15-12

Lewis waiting for his race to begin. The 5 lapper is the last event of the night.

League 2000 L2K 17-07-2017 19-20-42

The last events of the night are the races, ranging from 2 small laps for the youngest up to 5 full laps for the oldest and fastest.

Get yourself along to the next event, we’d love to see you there.