Tuesday night club runs resume 28th March. 6pm meet Ayton for 6.10 depart

Hi all, Tuesday night club runs fully resume tomorrow night, 28th March, not that they ever completely stopped thanks to our hardcore winter crew. Meet 6pm Ayton tourist info car park for 6.10 set off. Mixed ability training / social / all welcome. Regrouping at the Buck around 7.30-7.45pm, remember you will still need lights to get home.

I’m unable to attend this week as I’m grabbing a late shift overtime! Also Im not planning on putting out weekly routes this year unless I particularly have an activity in mind. No one listens anyway! 😂 if anyone else has something in mind then please post it on the members page.

Please can I insist that you split yourselves in to ability groups in the car park. The more groups and the smaller numbers the better. Large groups don’t work! Think of it as meeting for a nice bike ride with your mates, do your ride and then meeting back up with the other groups later at the pub! There will no doubt be a fast chain gang heading out for the country lanes. Steadier riders please don’t go with this group unless you intend to put yourself in to difficulty with the aim of seeing how long you can hang on, in which case that’s fine. The chain gang is a no mercy group and is not expected to wait for those who go out the back door. 😰

Enjoy your ride. Thanks, Dave