Evening Series Time Trials

Stockton Wheelers, changes to their TT course.

Stockton Wheelers have been forced to temporarily change their club TT circuit at Long Newton because of roadworks. It’s still a full 10 miles and involves going over part of the course twice. They will be using this on the 28th April. Signing on starts at 6.15 pm with first rider off at 7 pm. Usual place and same start location.

The course description is as follows :-

  • Start on Mill Lane, Long Newton at the kerbstone with two marks, approximately 200m south west of the cycle track to Long Newton and 90m north east of the field gate. (This is also the T105/1 start).
  • Proceed to the Airport roundabout and take the third exit onto the A67 westbound (1.30 miles).
  • At the first Middleton Saint George (MSG) roundabout (2.04 miles) take the second exit and continue on the A67 west.
  • At the second MSG roundabout (2.80 miles), take the fourth exit and retrace route on the A67 eastbound to the first MSG roundabout(3.58 miles) and Airport roundabout(4.28 miles).
  • At the Airport roundabout take the fourth exit and retrace the course on the A67 via the first, second and first MSG roundabouts to return to the Airport roundabout (7.30 miles).
  • Take the first exit onto Mill Lane and proceed to the Long Newton roundabout (8.93 miles).
  • Take the fourth exit onto Mill Lane and retrace route past the start, to finish at the grate approximately 130m past the Darlington Borough boundary sign.