Northallerton 50 challenge ride. Sunday 20th March. 09.00 depart Marton shops

Hi those of you who are taking part in the Northallerton 50 challenge ride on Sunday. Just a few notes to consider for the ride.

1, the route has been amended slightly since last year. After taking the left hand turn at the crossroads at the top of Bullamoor and descending down to Brompton where we turn right, instead of continuing on to Ellerbeck we are now going to take the left turn just out of Brompton towards long lane crossing, then turn right before the crossing and head up the hill through the farm to rejoin the road to East Harsley. Then back East Rounton, Hutton Rudby, Stokesley, Easby lane, finishing at Fletchers farm Ayton. Actually 57miles with an extended 4hr 15 cut off.

2, unfortunately it appears that the road between Scorton and Northallerton is to be closed at Great Langton. To go around would mean turning left at Ellerton Lake which is quite a detour, so I’m going to risk it and suggest you all dismount if necessary and walk past the roadworks as pedestrians. There was also a road closure approaching East Rounton the other day, but they assured me it would be open by this weekend. If you encounter problems then can the experienced riders make a decision as to what to do. If you have to back track around then of course I will get Brian to extend the cut off time.

3, It’s not a race!!!. However if it was a race? I would suggest it finishes at the Stokesley sign approaching from Hutton Rudby, then continue on riding neutralised to Fletchers farm. We don’t really want riders speeding through Stokesley then racing up the farm track at Fletchers just so that they can sign Brian’s sheet! That would be just silly!

4, final one. If the fast riders wish to get their foot down straight away to spread out the riders in to ability groups then that would be welcome. But whatever happens please can all groups take care with keeping things tidy, particularly on the roll out, up level bank and out of Yarm to Worsal, we always receive criticism from motorists regarding riders 3 abreast and untidy on Leven bank.

Thanks, and sorry to lecture on. Please all enjoy the ride. Certificates will be available to those that want them at Fletchers farm. Thanks, Dave