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British Cycling Membership

Have you thought about becoming a member of British Cycling? There are several categories of membership depending on the type of riding that you do – commuting, leisure riding, sportives and competition. Follow this link for further details about the benefits membership brings.

One benefit which the Club would like to bring to your attention is that of third part liability insurance. Motorists are required by law to have at least this level of insurance. This is not the case with cyclists. However, if you’re involved in an accident and you’re judged to be at fault you’ll still be liable for the damage and/or injuries that you’ve caused. If you’re not insured you’ll have to pay for that yourself.

BC also offer legal support and assistance subject to certain terms and conditions. This is to help you claim compensation if you’re injured or your bike is damaged in an accident which isn’t your fault. Again follow the link above for details.