Tuesday night club run 18th August. 6pm . Ayton

Hi all. Tuesday night club run meeting as usual, Ayton tourist info car park at 6pm for 6.10 set off. All welcome. Back to something more regular this week after last weeks team time trials. Seen as the connecting road between the bottom of clay bank long side and steep side has been repaired then you can all do anti clockwise loops around there. Head out Easby, Ingleby, head up towards the Steep side of clay, then turn right on to the connecting road with no name! Steady loops up clay, descend steep side with caution, then cut back along the farm track and repeat. Nice and steady, go for as many laps as you can rather than blasting off on the first ascent! Regroup at the top of clay and head to the Buck when complete. I’m not out this week so drill Sargent Shaun O’Shea will be dealing with you all this week. Have a nice ride. Cheers, Dave k