100 in 8 challenge ride. Sunday 19th July. 9am depart Marton shops. £1

Hi all. Just a reminder that next Sunday 19th July it’s our 100 in 8 challenge ride. ( formerly called a tourist trial). Please be at Marton shops for around 08.45 to sign on to the start sheet and be ready to depart for 9am. The cost is £1, and for this you get to take part in the ride and as long as you complete the route within 8 yours you get to go on the list of finishers! I’m afraid we’re not going to be doing certificates anymore. Sorry about this for those who love their tourist trial certificates. There is however the illusive tourist trial trophy for the club member that amasses the most tourist trial points. Points are awarded for taking part, plus extra points for mudguards and proper saddle bags! That means an old fashioned pannier bag and not a seat post saddle bag!

For newer members that have never done a challenge ride before, part of the challenge is to navigate your way around the course as well as completing the 100 in under 8hrs. Challenge rides tend to be every rider for themselves and are not a guided club run. Ability groups usually form on the road, however please be sure to familiarise yourself with the route as you may become isolated on your own. If you loose your way don’t worry about it to much. As long as you can find your way to Barnard castle, then over the Stang, Reeth, Layburn and back to the finish outside chapters at Stokesley then you have completed the course. Having said that I may lead a medium paced group around the route.

This is a very nice ride, and not the hardest 100 miles so it’s very good for anyone who is still to achieve 100 miles. The main obstacle is the stang, Grinton moor isn’t so bad, and of course navigating your way around and arriving within the time limit. I will again be bringing club officials Brian and Margaret Bevis out of retirement to oversee the event. Please note that Brian is a stickler for the rules and will cruelly refuse to sign anyone off who is outside the time limit at the end, including me on the rough stuff challenge ride 2 years ago when I got lost. Brian is also very strict on what he considers to be proper mudguards and saddle bag!

It’s all a bit of fun really and a nice day out, and please remember, it’s not a race! Please ride tidily and stick to the club group ride rules at all times. See the link below for further details and GPS maps. Also route handouts will be available at the start.

Thanks, Dave k

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