Weekend ride plans, 9th, 10th May.

Hi wheelers. Just bringing you all up to date with the ride plans for this weekend. It’s Paul Christon’s chimney challenge no 1 ride on Sunday. This is aimed at anyone who has never attempted, or attempted and failed the Rosedale chimney climb. Departing Ayton tourist info car park at 10am we will amble over there the easiest way possible. Then the established chimney climbers will spectate as the attempties try and claw and grapple their way up. Should be fun.
We will probably merge the steady and medium group this Sunday. However if any riders wish to do their regular steady, medium or fast ride then that’s fine. We can sort it all out in the car park.
The Saturday steady Eddies group will be on as normal at usual time of 10.30. Lead by Richard Carter this week as Julie Mcnicolas is resting up for her chimney attempt Sunday.
Also good luck to all the wheelers riding the Fred Witton this Sunday.

Thanks, Dave k

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