Frank Bradley

Frank, one of the club’s vice presidents, died yesterday in a Redcar Nursing Home. Not sure of his exact age but I can remember piling into a Stokesley cafe after a Sunday Club Run when I was about 16 for his 40th ‘birthday party’ and that was 41 years ago!

He was one of the first members of the club back in 1958 and has been a club member ever since, held various club positions, organised races, was part of the Spokesman team in early years, however the support he gave for us youngsters in the early part of my cycling career was immense more so after my brother was killed. He also raced although he packed in racing in the late 1970’s. He became a keen photographer and regularly won the CTC photographer trophy.

Frank Bradley in 1974
Frank Bradley in 1974

Funeral details will be posted once they are known.

Steve Binks

One reply on “Frank Bradley”

So sad to hear of the passing of a very long time friend and clubmate.
I have known and associated with Frank ever since I started racing with the Spartan Wheelers – a Darlington club, where I was born and lived until 1986. Along with Norman Bielby he was one of the many people I knew when I joined the Wheelers- I think in 1989. We often met riding down the Parkway to meet riders at Marton – usually with a headwind!!! Another significant incidence was whilst riding a 100 on the Catterick course,trying hard to beat a 4:29 PB,I damaged my knee and could’n’t finish. As it was out near Northallerton, it would have been a long crawl home if it had’n’t been for Frank. He was driving then and he shifted everything round in his vehicle so he could get me and my bike back to the strip at Catterick Racecourse. Good on yer faiend.
Although I knew he had been ill for a very long time I was not aware that he was a resident in a Nursing Home.

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