Special Events

Roller Racing Challenge at the Cycle Show at the NEC Birmingham, 27 Sept 2014

From Ben Wainright of Upper Street Events

We’d like to invite your club to take part in the first Sharp’s Brewery Atlantic Roller Racing challenge at this year’s Cycle Show at the NEC, Birmingham. It will be a team event using a new four-man roller rig created for the show by South Coast Sprints. To make the racing even more interesting, they’re designing a devil take the hindmost programme especially for the show.

The club challenge starts at 2.00pm on Saturday 27th September and will take place on the Sharp’s Doom Bar beach bar which is in the centre of the show directly opposite the main entrance.

Each club will enter four riders (over 18s only) who’ll race against each other to determine the club winner who will represent their club in the next round. These representatives will be drawn at random to race in the semi-finals against the other clubs.

Races consist of four laps of 250m, but as it’s a devil take the hindmost format, how the race is ridden tactically is up to each competitor and they will be able to follow the other riders’ progress on a bar-mounted monitor. The racing will also be shown live on a screen behind the riders.

All competitors and the designated club manager will get a free entry ticket to the show but riders must come in their club jerseys. The four riders and manager from the winning club will receive two nights stay in Rock in Cornwall, home of Sharp’s Brewery, along with a ride-out with Team Raleigh’s Janto Barker followed by an evening of good food and beer at Nathan Outlaw’s Mariners Rock.

If you’d like to register your team to take part, please go to

If you can’t enter as a team, the roller racing will be open to all adult visitors for the duration of the show with devil races happening on the hour and traditional head-to-head battles all day.

Please email Ben ( if you need more info.

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