Tuesday night mixed ability social / training ride. 6pm Ayton

Hi all. Weathers looking fine for this weeks mixed ability training ride so were going to head for the hills and do the commondale bus stop run as I need to get my hill climbing going. Meet at Ayton tourist info car park at 6pm for 6.10 set off. All welcome. For anyone that hasn’t done the commondale run this is what we do. Steady social ride to kildale. Then as fast as you like to the bus stop at the top of commondale T junction and back. To even it out, anyone who can climb should do one or both of the big 2 climbs twice, steadier riders who think they may not get back in time can cut it short and miss out the last hill. Don’t bother waiting at the bus stop as it gets cold. Just crack on back to kildale, then head straight home if you like. No need to regroup if you don’t want to. It’s good fun with riders all over the place. Don’t worry if you havnt done this before, it is set out to be mixed ability so everyone can gain what they want from it. See you all there. Dave Kirton

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