Tuesday mixed ability social/training ride

Tuesday mixed ability training ride will be on as normal meeting at Ayton tourist info car park at for 6.10 set off. Stick to the Easby loops again this week. 2,3 or 4 loops before riding home. I won’t be out tomorrow night but can I ask for EXREME caution and TIDY riding please. We had a few close calls with tractors last week. They’re very wide and fast these days! I don’t see any point in changing circuits as the same problems are on all roads. But it might be best to single out through Battersby village S bends to the crossing, and on the fast section approaching Easby around the bends there and take care on the sharpe left at Easby back to Ingleby as it’s an acute angle. Also can I ask that NO ONE! responds to abuse from vehicles whilst riding with us. Even if the motorist is in the wrong. Just keep it tidy and ride on. Our popularity is down again in Ingleby Greenhow and Battersby following the TT on Sunday. Sorry about the lecture, I just want you to all have a safe and enjoyable ride for all abilities.


Dave K

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