Time Trials

Evening Series Personal Bests

Just in case people need to get motivated for the upcoming Evening Series an all time list has been added to the website with riders fastest times on it. The list will be updated every 2 weeks or so as the series progresses. Just the one lap list for Seamer has been added so far and the archives have been trawled back to the year 2000 for this, adding in current members quicker times from previous years, as well other times of significance. People on the list deserving of a special mention are Geoff Robinson’s time from 2003 which was the PB for many years, Richard Meadows’ 2008 time and Bryan Bevis and Norman Bielby popping up in 61st and 83rd respectively.

Here’s the link when you first go in the list appears quite small but you can enlarge it. It goes on to 3 pages and there is a separate list for the women after the men’s. So now the pressure is on to move up that list, or prevent yourself moving down it! The 2 lap list will be added soon and the fastest ES times for the Broughton circuit will also be added too.

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