Evening Series 2014

Just a reminder that the closing date for registration for this year’s Evening Series is 15 March, with the first event taking place on 17 April.

The following is a list of people who have registered using the on-line form on the club website :-

David Kirton, Paul Tunnicliffe, Richard Lilleker, Paul Williams,
Mike Rennison, Shaun Joughin, Neal Archer, Steven Tilly,
Richard Weatherill, Richard Danks, Sandra Main, Paige McLeod,
Tony Main, Roger Oldroyd, Mark Campbell, Philip Meadows,
Philip Eltherington, Katie Scott, Ian Hutchinson, John Main,
Mike Holtby, Stewart Tanfield, Kay Stokes, Joseph Nozedar,
Aaron Preston, Kris Wadrop, James Gash, Paul Christon,
Martin Brearey, John Kelly (Snr), Colin Moore, Stephen Smithies,
Tricia Bell, Stan Douthwaite, Joe Foley, Robin Stocks,
Paul Howe, Vicki Howe, David Peacock, Graeme Tate,
Harry Tanfield, Charlie Tanfield, Toby Tanfield, Chris Wood,
Angela Ackerley, Amanda Waller, Roger Davies, John McGee,
Ellis Hutchinson, Ian Cowen, Neil Youngson, Peter Rogers.

Mike Cole has also received a handful of entries on the manual entry forms.

N.b the entry form on the website is under Evening Series/How to enter.

If there are any problems or queries please post.

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